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I just want to say I never lied about this vendor. I also thought I made it clear I know he is not obligated to me in any way. Of course you can assume what ever you want. I made it clear that I still believe he is a great vendor just by the reviews ive read on hear. But I did NOT receive my order or the resend. I repeat, I hold no one responsible, I dont want sympathy, I dont hold myles responsible. Im shocked that I was called a liar to be honest. Shocked but not surprised. Its easy to make assumptions about someone's character hidden anonymously behind a keyboard. But I still respect everyone here and I hope everyone has a safe weekend.
Danny: people get very upset if they hear their vendor sent out a LL. or a no show. And, God help u if u said LE was involved. People at forums traditionally tar and feather anyone whom brings any type of bad news.

I had a wonderful vendor for sixteen years. But for the last few holidays I received nothing. This happens. There is postal theft. There are new hires whom could care less about ur packages.

And a reliable delivery company stole a lousy 16$ irish bracelet I ordered online and delivered an empty box.

So, things happen. It does not mean its the vendors fault. And, u were clear about that.

It is just luck of the draw whether u got a pin headed new delivery person. Whom stole ur package. We shall never know.

But, I believe you. And u don't blame myles. That is the appropriate and mature response to the hell that can happen at christmas.
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Well Danny I hope it's just the holidays, he's always been on point for me. (I've had some arrive after forty days get stuck or holidays etc.)
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Hello Amazing people just wanted to share once again the amazing experience I have had with this vendor. I have only been in contact for a couple months but I can truly say this is one awesome experience. Shout out to Myles everyone!!
And just to share 28 days total air time mag landed in!!! if you are a patient person u will be very pleased!!

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