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Method to get benzos prescribed

Thanks for the comments. I have been entirely honest with my PCP in describing my experience with GAD symptoms. In my mind, that's all she needs to know. If I were to tell her that I have chosen to self-medicate via IOPs due to the fact that it has been my only option for relief, then I am confident that I would be shown the door.

I'm sure that there are sympathetic PCPs out there, but they don't work in the small town that I live in. I fear that the only way that my condition will be properly diagnosed is after I land in the Hospital Emergency Room after suffering a seizure, which hopefully I will survive.

It is this situation that leaves me feeling vulnerable and alone, and quite frankly, it scares the hell out of me that I may have to be in a "near death" condition before knowledgeable health care professionals will provide me with the help I need.

I have found that most pain doctors not prescribing benzos because of the liabilty when mixed with opiates. I personally would never tell a doctor that I am making any type of online process. I suppose all doctor might be different but I have been getting mine from my PCP. He knows what my PM was giving me. Just my opinion but I feel like the DEA has and is going overboard and pushing people to street drugs like heroin which contains who knows. The calfentynal being used as cut now it is almost like playing russian roulette. The people that distribute know that this is killing people. There is so much money involved it seems like us with legitimate pain are having to face repercussions form so much greed. I will step off my soapbox. This is just my opinions. We have some great vendors on here that are very helpful with helping with these issues. I try to stay off as many databases that collect this type of prescription history. I may be too paranoid sometimes but once a doctor notes something in your file and they flag you on the DEA database even an innocent comment could follow you around.

I understand your concerns Blackbird and they are entirely true. It is a shame that we have to use IOPs sometimes but I would rather do this then be labeled on some database.

Regards Eddie
True story, about two years ago a few months after my mom died I started getting anxiety attacks. I would shake drop things, all the classic stuff. So, I called the grief line my HMO offers and was referred to an advice nurse who scheduled me a phone consult with the psych. He called on the dot as the timed appointment indicated he would. Five minute phone conversation later, I had a Xanax prescription with 1 refill. I was legit floored. Icing on the cake, my hubby picked up at the pharmacy. I guess you only need to be there for pick up in person for narcotics.
I find if you tell your doctors how it effect your ability to WORK they are more willing and sympathetic.

I have depression and anxiety and find work very very difficult. yet when I do work it helps my anxiety and depression lift.

I can only work on a self employed occasional basis and I have to face up that it will soon be time for me to go into a new line a work.
( what I do only has a very short career span)

Just thinking about the future makes me nervous.
I have been in and off benz@s since I was 17 or 18 and it has gone on for many years. Doc's never want to write them and if they do it's usually just enough to get you out of their office. And with all the time and money it takes for Dr. Visits and the countless hours sitting in waiting rooms I just decided it wasn't worth it. For about the same price of a Dr. Visit or 2 I can obtain quality meds from a very few RARE certain vendors for a whole lot less time and money and headache that will last me much longer than the minimal amount most Dr.s will prescribe.
Well I jumped into the river to many times to make it home...

That is really a tricky situation. I looked at the date of the original post and you either have a very liberal doctor or something else. Just by personal experience benzos in my state are required to be put in the DEA database when prescribed, not next week but right then. This causes a pain in the ass for the pharmacists. Just because you asked for something and kinda said if you do not write me a script I will go overseas and order them. Which is kind of blackmail. If you can get it to work for you then that's cool. I would be afraid if the DEA or the local police department waiting for me. If you truly need them then there should be a doctor that can you help you out. The entire situation has gotten out of control due to our government and the greed of companies and the lobbyist. If the doctors were able to to practice medicine in the way they studied countless years for. If you look at purdue and Oxycontin that is a good case. They had their sales people who would give many gifts and they sold as a non addictive works for all medicine. Then after people were addictive they was suboxene and subutex to help get the addicts off the medicine. Many of these people did not make it sadly to say dies in the meantime And know with more people using heroin becuase of the cost and it being cut with fentynal who knows what you are really doing.

It seems that Medical Marijuana should be tested and at least given a chance. The problem with this model is once again the greed of the companies and people involved.

It is so sad that people are dying for the greed of a select few. And the collateral damage to families that a dollar sign cannot be put on.

I am sorry this forum entry turned out to be so long and I am sure we have all heard of this or something many times over.

I hope we get some on in office with a consciousness that seem like that they are working for the people that elected them.

My Obama care premium just went from 370 a month to 1200 a month. I am unemployed and am willing to work but I need to have insurance because of my health. issues.

This is just my opinion and I am not saying I am right or wrong but jut wanted to offer my opinion. I hope you are able to get the medicine you need.

Hopu you and everyone else on the forumns have a great holiday season.

Regards Eddiee

(07-17-2017, 04:51 AM)solarpunch Wrote: In the last few months things went to ok with benz to worse. Cut off city if you take pk's. So I just say don't even try if you take pk's. Work on getting a few prescribed once a year for emergencies and do what we all do best and find them on here. Doctors just don't care anymore even if it's actually needed. The few you get will ensure you can test positive for them if ever needed. Since apparently my doctor has had no problems putting me in "danger" for 7 years. Now he just can't do it since it's so "dangerous". What a joke our medical system has turned into.

You did a great job of summing up what I was trying to say. Our country has the ability to have superb health but the people who makes the decisions are more interested in making money and are greedy. They have put their own price om human life.

Regards Eddie
(02-13-2017, 07:49 PM)solarpunch Wrote: I've been on ben'z for many years now. Prescribed originally by a team on doctors and psychologists. They respected my rights to refuse anti depressants for treatment. Been really good about making sure I have my one before bed every night for maintenance. Just in the last few months my doctor who is a physicians assistant (they're the worst IMHO) started wanting to taper me down off of them. He said it was due to my pain meds and they could put me in danger and cause respiratory problems. The whole thing was ridiculous. I asked him so you've been willingly putting me in danger for years now? He honestly didn't know how to reply except to say it was a guideline. Where I argued that it was a the discretion of the clinician. Once again he wanted me to take anti depressants. I flat out said no and that he should read my chart before meeting with me so he knows what I went through to be on that therapy. He filled them and left it as is for now but said we would discuss it at my next appointment. I am not too thrilled about going to discuss it with a rookie who doesn't know anything about my medical history. Sad thing is how easy they are to get away from the traditional clinical settings. But I would much rather be taken care of locally that from somewhere else. Lets hope that goes over well for me next week.

I was seeing a internal med doc who was giving me wellbution 150 and e (5) Xanax a day. I asked him if I could go see a physicist He said sure and I went. The new head doc. He told me quit the xanax cold turkey and he moved me up to 300 of the webution. I remember they had commercial that said take care tapering off anxiety . Well this caused me to have a seizure while I was driving, This could have killed or someone else. This is an example of a doctor not using caution. I went back to my internal medicine and got the same regiment I was getting before. I have since starting doing research of my own before I just taking somethng from a new doctor especially when it comes to brain altering medication. And like you said if you question anything they get offended. I feel it is your body and you should have some input about what is going in and be able to reasonable question with a PA without thier feelings getting hurts

Good luck in the future and have a great holiday

Regards Eddie

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