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I initiated a new order the 13th. I had damage on my last order and they are sending me half of that order again as a courtesy... Solid!!!
I'm still a bit not sure if I want to place an order yet I might do somthing small I guess I just like the big boys lol
Wow that`s fast and good to know i want to make order from here in a week or 2. so i really like what i`m reading here. Thanks
I think it is important to state that I did not ask for any reship... I just explained what happen as a heads up and they replied we
will check into why it happen and remedy it and extended me a half reship and emphasized that it is normally not done...
That is good to know. A good friend of mine has had the last couple of birds arrive with odd packaging & one had damaged good as well. Hopefully they will do the same in that case.
Magazine: Shipped Feb 21, received Mar 5
Books: Shipped Feb 22-23, received Mar 9
I'm having problems with payment processor,Ive signed up for as I had been using a for purchases but its hidden someplace,I moved and I cant find it, wrote to them an they were very nice and advised to do what I did but it did not work and I'm about to tell them sorry I cannot complete this one and go with alternate,,booooo

11. No recreational talk, No shipping details, No packing details, No receiver details, No payment details, No payment methods, No shipping methods, No country of origin are allowed to be discussed by any member or vendor on this forum. You may not offer to trade your medicine with another member of this forum. Banning will ensue. If you need to discuss any of the above captioned details about a vendor, please keep them to PMs only. EDIT: PLEASE POST WHEN RECEIVED ONLY ESPECIALLY IN THREADS EXPERIENCING LETTERS OF INTERDICTION. *DO NOT POST ORDERING DATE, PLEASE.*

What the hell? u all just start discussing exact payment method? when its almost extinct in this world? aye carumba.

You gotta learn to keep your mouths shut about details.

and, your post caused another to talk the same way. not good.
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