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F2F with physician coming up, any suggestions?
This issue of the cut off between benz and other medications ( in my case pain meds). Is happening everywhere. In cases where people have been on benz for long periods of time such as myself it's life altering. I've went without them before and it was torture to the mind. Between my psychologist and my doctor almost 8 years ago they decided that it was safe and benafital to my health to take one benz before bed every night. Seeing that I don't take pain medication in the middle of the night it could never be conflicting and the chances for respiratory depression was slim to none. But I am back again with a new doctor for the past year who has been quietly trying to remove me from them. I again refered him to read into my charts that predate my time with him but he has yet to do so. Probably since he sees a new patient every 15 minutes or so. I have remained polite and will continue to do so when I respectfully ask him to refer me to a doctor that can manage me properly. As a patient I have the right to request that and he must comply. They won't tell you that you have the right and even will lie to you and say they can't. Don't listen and stand firm. I'll keep everyone updated on what happens at my next appointment. Sorry for the spacey reply I had some bad luck this week and I am still trying to trade it in for good luck. Not an easy task but I'll manage.
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Does F2F mean with a pain clinic? 15 yrs ago, (we had no ins) I started going to this doctor who runs a urgent care clinic. His office visits are $49 and have been for that long. He takes no insurance,doesn't want to deal with it (don't blame him) sometimes I've been in there and the sign up sheet is up to 60-70 patients. He's real quick, hears your problems, prescribes. Not much of a personality but I've gotten used to him. Now for the last 4 yrs or since the ACA came in effect, we have insurance. It's crappy stuff with doctors in my opinion, that are 2nd rate. Anyway, long story short, I still use the urgent care guy. Even tho ZERO personality, he manages a few medical probs I have. He knows I have insurance but continue to use him b/c I told him I like the convienence of just walking in when I want, not long wait, plus he gives me what i want when I want(i don't tell him that) I also don't abuse his willingness to prescribe me things. When I go every six months to get my BP meds refilled, sometimes if I'm low on certain things I'll tell a white lie that I'm flying and need something to calm me down for the flight. He doesn't give me much, but it holds me over until my ship comes in. When I was honest years ago to him and told him I have HORRIFIC panic attacks, he suggested Paxil (no thanks) Why can't they understand the horror of panic attacks and that Benz work so well?
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Face to Face is with any accepted medical professional in their state. A doctor, a PA. So, yes, seeing a doctor via a pain clinic is somewhat a F2F.
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