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Stimulant Agreement (WI)
Does anyone have experience being under a stimulant agreement in order to receive meds?  This is my first time and I'm wondering if the drug screen will measure how much of the drug I have in my system versus simply testing to make sure I'm taking my meds.
It depends on where you are going. If you are only going to GP, most likely they are only going to do a simple cassette test kind of like the ones you get at walgreens...those only are qualitative, which only tells what you a positive or negative, in which you would be safe, but if you are going to a specialist I.E. a psychiatrist or PM, a lot of them are going with specimen validity testing (to see if your pee is real, fresh and unadulterated) along with LC/MS or LC/MS/MS (mass spec) testing in which it breaks the analyses you test positive for down to the ion and then even further down into pieces. Each specific analyze breaks apart into its own pattern of pieces, kind of like a snow flake how no two are the same, and that is how they can tell what your positive for. For example, if you are taking say Bronkaid which is an OTC asthma medication you can buy at the drug store, this will test positive for amphetamines, but when they test it by "mass spec" they can tell if it Bronkaid or an illicit form of amphetamine. Or even your prescribed stimulant. They all have different ways of breaking apart. Then they measure the amount of analyses that have been broken and that's how they see how much you are taking, if it is within therapeutic range or if you are taking too much. Be careful, and study up on the "half lives" of the meds you are taking and that will give you an idea of when it will be certain amounts in your system. Stimulants usually have a shorter half life than most meds so it gets excreted rather fast as opposed to other meds, depending on how much you take.

Hope this helps! Sorry if I confused you!
Thank you so much for your reply!  It is ordered by my psychiatrist so it is a "drug panel, urine, screen with reflex confirmation".  I'm in nursing school and have also done a ton of research regarding the medication for which they are testing for so you didn't confuse me too badly!  It was extremely helpful!  Do you work in the lab industry?  I have to take my first test since being prescribed next week.  My plan is to only take the amount I'm prescribed for three days prior to the test.  But, since I normally supplement at a dose higher than prescribed, my only concern would be the amount coming back higher than the level that should be there.  Does that make sense?  I would love to hear your advice!

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