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Unknown Diazepam

You could start by asking the vendor what they've actually sent you. At least then you'd have a better chance of identifying the pills. The extra 50 could be some sort of effort to make up for them not being as ordered, but it isn't unreasonable to ask - and if they don't reply that speaks worse of them.

Good luck and let us know...
I don't think there's any point really. The majority of them which are the same certainly don't taste like any I've had before. Whether that's because they're not as strong, are out of date by a long way or are just not diazepam I don't know but they don't have the strong bitter taste that 10mg diaz usually has and they don't seem to be very effective. That's why I specifically ordered bli5ster packs and did not want loose so I suppose that in itself says a lot of the vendor.

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