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Anyone used Facebook?
What is this "Acelook" of which you speak?  I may have seen it and believe it to be sorcery of the worst kind-like one ring to rule them all.

For sweaters and parrot pictures fine-anything else ?  Into the the fires of Mordor!
 (may have messed some of that up-been a while since I saw/read the series.)

Not thinking this is a great idea...really.
LE uses facebook. This is a fact. Look elsewhere would by my suggestion
Feds are all over FB, I know someone who used to vend on there, didn't last, they well busted him, daft guy only went straight back to using the site to vend, guess what happened next? clue, it didn't end happily for him.
Looks like FB dont want to let me back on, tried to relog in and said they have no record of my details, lol, no loss, nothing hardly interesting for me on that tax dodging empire.
Seriously, if we attorneys want truth about a client or some want dirt on a defendant, they hit social media sites first. Facebook posts have been the major proof of a crime in Hunting and Gaming Prosecutions. In matrimonial actions. Potential employers check out one's facebook to see if one was foolish enough to post a pic of themselves inebriated. It comes up in murder trials as criminals can be stupid enuff to give their girl the bracelet of a woman they just killed. And said GF is seen on facebook wearing that bracelet. In so many ways, social media can get one in trouble by their own words and actions.

IRS, and some division of the DeA are on it also.

I was presented with links from same several years ago. It seemed the "vendors" had some affiliation with Academia. I suspected students and teachers were usurping meds for private usage and attecmpting to sell same on facebook.

The gentleman whom shared with me had success with one or two of the facebook vendors. But that was a few yrs back and he lives a world away from most people on this forum. (He is not in USA.)

But, because we have villains attempting to do harm to our country by recruiting people thru social media, the gvt is rite there.

It is taking a very large chance. Law enforcement is legally allowed to send info to criminals MIA about a lottery win they made. And, the people show up and are busted. I know LE uses so much from facebook and others to compile knowledge about a person. And then decide whether to prosecute.

GE: I have a FB acct. On lockdown. Only my nephew and two nieces are on it. It is just a good way for the younger members of our family to reach out to a rather cool aunt. But, maybe try again. Start a new account. But, you must change all settings to private. I allow me only and sometimes my four friends on there to see a photo or posting. But, I can send messages to my family without it going thru gmail. I can leave word on FB for my nieces, and they will have their mom call me when i need to check on her.

So its good to have on lockdown for emergency.

I think its an horrific idea to attempt to buy from FB vendors. I read and listen to legal cases all day long as i do this forum. All the authority figures in life check one's facebook page first when doing research. All of them. They are paid to read FB for violations of law, taxes, recruitment of americans into bad activities. So not worth it. Humble opinion and all. And, a helluva lot of info I have received.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
No way would I use FB for this type of thing. Call me secret agent woman.. Big Grin Angel

Being naturally suspicious of everyone and everything, FB has endless possibilities for being on the radar. No way no how.
Facebook is like one giant plate always ready to be served up, bosses use it, unis, social security snoopers, everyone as Charon said uses FB as first port of call these days to check up on so many people.
My account that I made years ago wasn't even in my own name, no way, will have to see if i can still make an account under an alias, not checked to see if i can yet. It was useful for meeting back up with people from my earlier years, there were not many who i didn't want to get back in contact with, only bad bit was reading all the damn obituaries of a lot of people I knew who ended up dying far too young due to ODs or chronic illness.

Even when i was able to still login I hardly used it after the novelty wore off, if others enjoy it fair enough, as for using it to buy anything then thats a negative, no thanks, i will pass on any offers like that, scammers paradise, not got money to risk throwing it away.

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