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Hi Jok4R,  I always enjoy hearing about new Newsagencies and love checking out their catalogues, but - oh my goodness!
I spent 15 minutes thoroughly searching their four suggested sites but could find only a few popular titles at best.
And you're right - they are really expensive!  Fancy asking $10 for a single magazine?  I mean, What The...?
I just don't know how this place will manage to survive when there's so much competition out there supplying the same stock for $1 an issue.

Getting your mags delivered quickly was a bonus, but in my opinion, overshadowed by the cost of the exercise.
Just like you, I wouldn't be rushing back either  Sad
it could survive, as so many vendors have L3 on their tails. So, u received. It is just expensive. OK.

Let us see what happens.

Good luck to any whom try them.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Update- the read was excellent! As mentioned still have another magazine on its way. The customer service has been excellent. Answer right away and know about each order you have placed. I know I’m a noob here and it was only after I literally placed an order with them that I stumbled onto this place. A lot of people have no choice I guess but to get there mags from another news stand such as myself. I will say this though... $20 may be a lot to someone and $100 is nothing to another. But in the end l‘m greatful for all the shopping advice you all shared.

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