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New Mexico
Please review any F2F physician contacts you have now.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
In the outside world of people not involved with MMT clinics, things are generally tight but we have quite a bit of looseness in our state laws, mostly the result of our being a large and also a poor state, so while many states don't allow Physician Assistants to prescribe controlled subs, we have no such restrictions. And that includes nurse practitioner APRNs, and we also have prescribing psychologists with full authority for all of them to write controlled subs, including getting an X-number for a burpenorphine program. And besides that we have a lot of DOs osteopathic physicians, who tend to be a little out of the usual box in thoughts and habits.

I had two very recent F2F contacts with doctors who I knew of because they both were involved with the MMT clinic I stopped going to in June. If not for that word of mouth from fellow patients I never would have seen them.

One of them is known to be liberal with benzos for anxiety, on my first visit giving me way more than I could take in a month. Cost me $70.

The other one runs a Suboxone clinic who I sought Subutex from and was successful on first try. Cost me $200 for the month.
my apologies but what is MMT ?

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