Forum Announcement: We have Removed a Senior Member who might be Shilling for his own self or promoting false vendors.
It is with much dismay that I must inform you that we did an internal investigation. And it turns out a long standing member here has been deceiving many of you.

He would promote a vendor. Then he worked only in PMs and emails. Thing is, we now believe that said former member was promoting his own sites.

We have removed some sites Mr Chucky put up. We have moved three others to suggest a random IOP.

Mr. chucky is banned. He has been scamming many of you.

I have no idea why so many of you would write him to ask for info. Did u all know he was the vendor?

Just luck of the draw, the results of our internal investigation led right to Mr Chucky and his shilling and lies.

He can make his living pulling this balderdash at a far less ethical forum.

You will see warnings under three vendors Mr Chucky promoted.

The man did not have the fortitude to admit to being a vendor. He lead many of you to believe he just had all the info on so many vendors.

He is gone. The vendors are now gone. Just watch out for the three vendors in Random suggest an IOP as Mr. Chucky was instrumental in bringing those vendors, whom are probably all him, onto this forum.

Be careful. I don't care if he was a very early member of this forum. The facts of the internal investigation speak volumes.

Avoid Mr. Chucky and any more helpful tips he tries to give. Many of your names showed up in this investigation cuz you all contacted Mr Chucky for info on so many vendors. Did none of you realize that this was unusual and that he himself was the buggery bollocks vendor?

Just so you know. We treasure honor and ethics here. Mr. Chucky is no more.