Full Version: S3rbian B3nz0s (Gold Standard)?
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I am aware of only 3 vendors from this country, and am having issues with one of them now, as I think he got to big to fast when he came back? To be honest the Serb products remind me of my good old U.S. scripts for V's and K-Pins. Have tried so many others with very different effects. I have contact info for the other two but am waiting on an order. Do any of you feel the same about their products? Wasted too much $ on meds that were not at all like my scripts, Glad I stockpiled when the gettin' was good. Other countries known for good V's at a fair price? I am new and don't think I said to much but your opinions appreciated. Best Wishes ff
I have tried all of Them..the meds.. And imo they are among the Best out there.. Its hard to beat Kasol,Bensidin, Aurapin etc if u want the Best it costs more.. Just my 2 cents.
Agree..they are of very high quality imo better Than Roche etc etc. Ill gladly pay more for those even though ull have to use wu or mg.
Yep, I've stuck with 1 vendor (luckily) for some time now and the meds are always top notch. Ksalols, aupurins are my preference.
You really can't beat Bensidins and Ksalols
I have only tried the ksalols because I have always heard such good things about them. Thanks to you guys i will now be trying some more serbian products thanks!
Ksalols r great.. never tried the galenika kpins, but have heard great reviews on them
Tried Them all and they are AAA grade..cant go wrong imo.
I look forward to getting fifty posts!!! A few years back, I had an email vendor that had ksalols for a very reasonable value.. I'm hoping to find that again!!!
Never tried any of them (probably the only ones I haven't) but hearing the reviews I'm definitely going to try the galenkia rather than my usual Roche's. I think I'm going to try the blue auprins as well thanks for the info
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