Full Version: US Customs and the mail
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Has anyone seen this NBC news spot on international shipping of medications?  It's about Fentanyl from China, which I know is not something we talk about here but it also talks about the whole mail / customs issue regarding shipments from overseas to the US,  Thought it was interesting enough to share here.
interesting. good read. thanks.
Very interesting! Thanks for sharing
This is mostly about illicit street drugs but an interesting read nonetheless about postal inspector comment on mail from overseas.
Great articles. The mail system is really backed up right now. Stuff that would take two weeks takes over a month. Don't even think about tracking it. Even if you have a number it just sort of shows up. This has taught me to have a healthy back up before I order more supplies. Who knows how long these delays will be in effect.
Yes I agree on the shipments, I don't think anyone was expecting these kind of delays, hopefully it will slowly get back to the usual shipping times but who knows for sure when that will be, hopefully this year
I’ve never really had problems with mail. Always been lucky. But tried and true mags that took 7-9 days took 3 weeks recently.