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Well, as the title says what have you experienced as good sleeping pills?

I'm typing this at 2am on another sleepless night (Tramadol is great for pain but keeps me awake).  Zolpidem  (7.5mg) work well for me but I don't always have access and they tend to leave me dull most of the morning.  Any other ideas?
Valarian Root in liquid form actually works well for me. Over the counter doxylamine succinate works well and tolerated better than typical antihistamines. All depends on your body chemistry and sleep habits. Honestly, the things you do before you go to bed greatly dictate how you will sleep. Phones away from bed, no computer for 30 min before all that I'm sure you have heard, but very effective. Calm room, no clutter, low light. Fan or sound machine and then of course meds at the end. If Zolpidem works for you, then the closest to that if you do not have that would be doxylamine succinate for over the counter. Benzo's seem to be too much for long term use.
Hi Zebra1922,

Of all the different sleep medicines I have experienced zolpidem has been by for the best for myself as well.  Sometimes though I get the same morning effects you mentioned and sometimes a tolerance is built up so I will switch to something else for a while.  Smaller doses of seroquel and trazadone together have worked well for myself (falling asleep quickly, getting quality sleep time, and no bad morning effects usually as long as I have 8 hours to sleep).  Everyone is different though!

Best wishes to you! Heart
A small dose, as maeve also has mentioned, of Quetiapine works great for me. I've found less is more with this medicine, and also don't have any issues getting out of bed in the morning, as other meds do.
zolpidem works the best for me with little to no hangover in the morning. bnzos put me to sleep but then i wake up agitated and groggy. sometimes i ever watch a show with subtitles and it makes me sleepy.
there is a good OTC herbal supplement called "relax and rest" or something very similar that works well if you take a couple.  and it's completely otc at stores.  nature valley or nature bounty i think is the brand name.  comes in a nasty-tasting green capsule.  just FYI if you want to try it. Cool
There's an IOP vendor(s) that still sell halcion. They had increased the price a year or two ago but not by much. The reason I always preferred halcion is that it kicks in within 10 minutes and 'wears off' within a couple of hours so I would feel very well rested come morning. I never had a problem staying asleep.

The tolerance does develop extremely quickly so I would only recommend this for someone that doesn't have chronic insomnia.
Halcion? I’ve not heard of that one, I’ll check it out.

A few comments about benzos not helping but I had some alaprozam a couple of nights ago a that seemed to work quite well.

I think the key for me might be to lay off the tramadol after 1800, but always a difficult balance with pain (often something will keep me awake, pain or the painkillers, no win situation sometomes)
halcion is amazing for sleep. the most rest inducing pitch black sleep
There is an over the counter herbal supplement called "relax and sleep formula" by spring valley.  Perhaps give that a try.
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