Full Version: Can airport scans of check-in luggage detect reading material?
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Obviously not talking about one magazine. Want to get rid of a lot of things and friend who has visited has always brought THC Vape pen with no trouble. I do not think this question violates any rules? Thanks for any input-FF
Fish Farmer spoke with me about this.

And I know some of you. So please don't let me awaken to exact specifics of how to. And what blocks screens and all. Be discreet and use PM. And, I know they are getting into other states.

But, put any info in PMs.

Good luck.
Thanks C! Please PM's only-FF
I fly in and out of a major airport , international and domestic,
All I do is keep all My books and magazines in my carry on, not once
Have I had an issue. Seems like they are more interested
In camera equipment in my experience .
I have to agree with lalimited edition. They are more focuses on illegal drugs, food, animals and weapons. If you have a few [email protected] or [email protected] in your bag they aren't going to say anything. But if you have about 1000 [email protected] bars they are going to have a few questions. I only bring what I need for my trip and
have not had a problem.
Wow , forgot I even started this thread. I just keep in small omeprazole bottle in dob kit in my carry-on. Never a problem, hide in plain site! Meds just small white tabs with X so inconspicuous even if they did waste there time to open a small, labeled med bottle, it would sound no alarms. You are correct Mr. Edition. FF
My experience too. Lots of curiosity about laptops (that could be bombs I guess) but never about a small bottle in my carry-on toiletries. I've heard anecdotally that Japan and Australia have been very, very inqusitive though.
You can get ton of information on Bodybuilding forums, cause they love all magazines Wink . the general rule is no problem with domestic , but never take it international, specially to certain countries like Australia ( don't like magazines there ) .
I found this tons of information by google the exact same question you are asking, and then I discovery that bodybuilding know more than any magazine than most average reader , lol .
Like lalimited, we also fly in and out of a major airports, international and domestic (at least we used to). Because I am diabetic, I travel with a lot of meds. I used to carry them all in separate, original labelled bottles, because the travel books all used to say you might be stopped and asked for original prescriptions. It's nonsense of course, I haven't had a *paper* prescription in decades to begin with. And no one is interested in the raft of medications most older Americans with the means to travel invariably bring with them. Of course, it's no longer just Americans, but for decades, they were the ones who did the most travelling. And take the most medications.

Nowadays, I just pile all my meds into one large bottle, in my carry on, because it just takes up too much space otherwise. It is a large, conspicuous bottle jammed with my assorted pills. They invariably push it to one side in their desperate concern to see if I have any liquids in my carry-on. Perhaps some of it is white, old, middle-class privilege, as my demographic doesn't smuggle much, but no one is particularly interested in carry-on meds when there are guns, knives and bombs to worry about. 

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