Full Version: I’m afraid to post, but I need to know...
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I apologize for creating a new post/thread here, but I am very unsure of how to track my previous posts, particularly *when* and *how many* I posts were made on any given day. 
This is fundamentally very important information to me as I was recently informed that I posted over the limit, which was not at all my intention (I tend to keep very irregular hours and it was an honest mistake) 

I was notified by PM but I have very limited access, even to my own profile page, so I was unable to reply to the PM and ask my question privately. I want to stress that I mean absolutely no disrespect to the very dedicated moderators or anyone else in this community whatsoever. 

I know I am in the wrong, I feel really terrible, and I want to be certain not to cause any more trouble for moderators or anyone else. However, short of keeping a physical journal (which I may do anyway) I am not sure how to check my own post history, their timestamps, status, etc. as I am not very familiar with forums in general (in general I find them a bit shady, but your’s stands out for obvious “quality control” reasons). I’ve wavered for several hours now on whether to ask this question, as I am afraid of further violating posting policies (I cannot honestly remember the last 5 posts I made, I do not think I have made more than 1-2 in the last 24 hours, but I cannot be certain)

Please delete or invalidate this if it is inappropriate, I would have contacted an admin directly and privately if I could, I just need to know how to monitor my own activity on this site so that I can adhere strictly to all of the rules. Thank you all again, I am very embarrassed/ashamed that in my eagerness to lend my 2cents to various subject threats, I unintentionally exceeded the 5 posts in a 24 hour period.

Sincerely and humbly, 
Sam? easier for me to write. I have sent you a PM. I shall gladly help u. Right before you posted, I read your other post and it is brilliant. You are the exact person to be a perfect addition to our wee family.

So, use my email. Or use Contact me at bottom of left home page. Put screen name in subject line. And I shall let u know ur last five post times. THIS OFFER IS CURRENTLY OPEN TO ONLY SAM. please.

and, don't freak, my email returns from an attorney. But, it will be fine.

Hopefully I explained in PM. Have a glorious nite. I love your picture.

Oh, People cannot PM until fifty posts cuz they are more subject to scammers when new members. But, we shall work it out. And, please please please don't feel badly. It hurts me to know you hurt. It will be okay and u can email me from your email. It will be fine.
You are doing great my friend...

I just wanted to make you aware of the situation and
do NOT believe you were malicious with your over posting ..

I can (most times) tell when someone is trying to "skirt" the rules here, you do not strike me as
one those types ...

As Charon has stated, you do seem like a wonderful addition to our wee family here ..
We just always try to be as fair as possible and protect, not only our beautiful souls we are
graced with as members, but our vendors from knotheads that just want to reek havoc
(I just don't believe you fit the "knothead" category ... Smile )That is why a warning was not issued ...

You, Sir, are gonna be just fine ... It's slow for reason... We get to kinda see what intentions, good or bad
you may have... Even then, some with bad intentions can still slip by, so we try to stay on
"high alert" as it were ...

Believe you me, it was nothing personal. just wanted you to be aware... Hopefully, you will appreciate
that one day... You wouldn't believe some of the junk we witness ... Sheeeesh...

So in a nutshell, keep on keepin on ... your wisdom is greatly appreciated..

Hey i felt I was anxious in the beginning as well. Just try your best and trust your gut and if you make a mistake these guys will lead you in the right direction. Hey...glad your here my friend!!!
Come on in chinchillin. As you can already tell this place is welcoming and has the best mods of any forum. They are active and responsive that it really makes this place special. Soon enough you will be able to post 10 a day and then before you know it you will have 150! Look forward to seeing your posts in the future.
Great job using discretion and caution, its better to ask in private if your making a post that falls within guidelines than just blurting out info that compromises yourself and the forum people have worked so hard to upkeep. Just wanted to give you pat on the back for that intelligent choice!!
Pretty straight forward PM...

10.18.20, 22:05

10.19.20, 12:01
10.19.20, 21:09
10.19.20, 21:11
10.19.20, 23:14

10.20.20, 11:27
10.20.20, 11:52
10.21.20, 1:33
10.21.20, 00:35

It's 5 posts per 24 hrs NOT a few every 12 ...

As I said ...
I will not be having to check your posts every 12 hrs ...

BTW, guys, when one achieves fifty posts, they can thereafter make ten posts in any 24 hour period.

Get to 150, and u can post constantly but if the members do Mod Reports on too many posts, You may get a warning.

Sorry but Honest to God I cannot recall at this moment. But am fairly certain when one makes 150, no restrictions on posting.

I may have to change this after I get time to research.