Full Version: Received in L.A.
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Question for this group. I placed an order with a UK based vendor. Tracking information was provided. Tracking shows the shipment being processed in country of member, then out for delivery. That was over 2 weeks ago, with no further change in status. I'm guessing it's a goner, but wonder if anyone else has ever experienced this.
Don’t know about UK-specific vendors and am not sure I fully understand your question...

But there are a number of European-based vendors whose tracking only works until it leaves their country. Then you simply have to wait and don’t know exactly where it is ‘in the system’.

Hope that is of some help.
Agree with thepianist. A number of people and vendors here mention their tracking numbers. But they're useless in the traditional sense. I guess my only comfort is that if I receive a TN it gives me some sense that the magazine was actually mailed.
Also agreed with the above, it sounds like your package made it out of the UK, but it could be anywhere
I wouldn't worry about it to much it can take a few weeks. I've even seen it come through after 8 weeks and giving up on it if it's still on route on tracker should be their soon.
I have to say , being in L.A. and receiving from about the same region you mentioned , Shipping issues ended for me officially June 20-23. Since then, the MOST I have waited for a subscription was about 12 days and that was a rare 1 time.
I will add that I am guessing after the elections, Now the minimum for me is 12 days, looking not so great, more like 16-20. I try and check the U$P$ threads but I cant never get the info I am specifically looking for. May try a r3ship service..