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news is that people, foolish foolish people, are knocking at doors in the county two above me and feigning to be gvt specialists to test them. check they are under quarantine. but they are neither sick nor in quarantine. They are getting robbed. Don't open your door to unknowns.

and now the phone calls. rat bastards have ahold of my phone number. just got a call confirming i am still having issues with me legs. i am? now that is one thing i dont have. some sort of trick.

a few idiots went out for st pats day to a bar. A woman was killed.

This level of fear, for the vast majority whom dont have a support group like us, or a Church via phone or such, are terrified. They may fall for nonsense.

Don't u.

If that really was a hospital whom called me, i defy them to tell me whom i am. when they last treated me. And what illnesses i really have. no blood clots in legs.

Hold on. Be in the arms of the Lord. Just try it.

new testing area is going up. again, i read on FB that the problem is getting a doctor to allow u to be tested. if u drive up coughing or asymptomatic, u wont get the giant qtip of pain up ur nose to test u. u will be turned away or worse.

They are starting to get a handle on this. Pres is allegedly sending people 2000 $ within next two weeks to live on. i shall know soon if soc security comes in.

Forget drinking and gargling with hot water and salt. it aint helping.
And, now a woman lies dead cuz she had to go out for st pats day. And had two men in her life.

argh. Don't open door. They are criminals to rob u. No one is going to check those in quarantine.

Officially i am not in it. Hard to get exposed inside this house. And I have no symptoms.

Dont give in to fear. or Anger. Chill out as best u can.

May your Higher Power protect u all.
lord have mercy the calls are coming. my actual appt to see if i can proceed to extreme dental surgery, was just cancelled.

he was for real. Of course the dental team emailed me to confirm they are open. if the CDC allows them. Well i guess that is a no.

Fine with me.

There are no iffy cures. They are fakes. The only ones whom may know how to cure this, are the ones whom spread it to our country, IMHO. This was always the actions of traitors for diseases to spread in the US like this.

One can find little TV places that show older movies. For free.

Paint, draw, work, or start the novel of your life. Keep busy. Allow no fear. However, if u see a spouse or such in distress, call ur dr to see if he or she will authorize testing. We still only have 300 ICU beds to put people in medically induced coma and/or breathing devices.
I had a few Jehovah witness ringing my doorbell for 10 minutes before I got on my camera and threaten to call the cops if they didn’t leave. People are being warned and they still don’t listen. Several businesses in my state are finally starting to close down while others still remain open. What is hard for others to understand only go out if you absolutely have to.

 That woman’s death could have been completely prevented- I honestly forgot it was St. Patty’s day yesterday as celebrating is so far from my mind right now. Very sad partying took presidence over her own life . 

I’m a bit younger than my neighbors who are elderly and don’t know how to work computers so Ive helped them set up Stop and Shop PeaPod delivery for them with their “contact free” option to leave by the door and notify them when their delivery arrives. I‘m also seeing some grocery stores setting certain times for senior citizens to go shopping so they can avoid large crowds as well. It’s nice to see big chains actually making some efforts with these options. We need to look out for them the most during this crucial time. 

There is a great video going around FB of all different real people in Europe telling it how it is over there and giving us warning. One day they were working, getting hair done and now they are not allowed to leave unless it’s a dire emergency. If the US doesn’t start acting as one in the same we are going to be in that same situation. We are only a few weeks behind with numbers drastically increasing by the hour. 

For all we know this could be bioterrorism- when this first broke out in Wuhan it seems a little fishy to me that the outbreak just so happen to be near a highly sophisticated Bioweapons lab. Right now it’s all a guessing game. Some people believe it started with a man who ate an Anteater, just so many hypothetical theories. 

Blessed be.  Heart
Rikers Island and Sing Sing prisons have COs testing positive and inmates. The ones we are gonna release?

A church sprayed water with salt in it on many parishioners to keep them safe? well the nozzle on the bottle of water was already contaminated by the virus. They all got sick.

Claims are that Type A blood is more susceptible.

We are supposed to get a bit of money. to live on.

So not good. Under the protection of the Lord is what I have. Be careful all.
Greetings and prayers to all during these difficult times...

I am one of the lucky ones who is able to work from home and live alone. I always make sure to have plenty of supplies on hand just for emergencies like this which keeps me from having to leave my house at all unless absolute emergency.

I am showing no symptoms of Covid 19 but going to keep playing it safe and keep staying at home. I did go to the grocery store yesterday for one of my elderly neighbor's who needed her groceries but she is terrified to leave her home. PLEASE everyone help out your elderly neighbors who cannot even get out for a loaf of bread or gallon of milk or even their prescriptions.

Please everyone take this seriously and as Charon posted above about the criminal activity this situation is breeding.

Peace and prayers to all

That situation with the Jehovah Witnesses and also the church accidentally contaminating people are extraordinary.

I'm in the UK and whilst there isn't much tradition of prepping here, people including me did it for Brexit. So I am sitting on quite a significant stash of food which might get boring and repetitive, but has the calories to keep me alive for several months. Right now the good thing about having a stock of food and household items is that I can avoid going to stores, avoid the panic buying, and avoid waiting in line with potentially infected people.

The difficult bit is I have elderly parents who would be very vulnerable to this virus. I think it unlikely my father would survive it given his existing medical issues. They have self-isolated. They also have a stockpile of food etc. Before it got bad I was able to take the journey to visit them and set them up with medicine, a thermometer, gloves, masks, and hand gel. Most of those things are like gold dust now. I'm having a problem with them giving things away, especially the hand gel. Yes they are being kind to friends/neighbours, but they have given half the hand sanitizer away and they are only two weeks into this situation. Eeek!

I've also been giving hand gel to friends and neighbours, but putting it in little bottles. My parents were letting people bring their own bottle to fill so people were taking a litre whereas I've been giving people 50ml bottles (which is enough for a couple of weeks).

Right now it is important to help people out and share things, but I also think it has to be reasonable - they can't supply all their neighbours because then they'd have nothing.

We had a bad argument by Skype because my father wanted to go out to buy fresh milk. They have the long life type, and the powdered version, but he wanted the real thing. For me it just felt like he was going to risk himself for some milk? I mean WTF? There was a lot of swearing and cussing on my side as I thought it a stupid risk for something so unimportant. I can't help because I'm hundreds of miles away. Besides most shops are out of fresh things due to the panic buying, so there's a good chance he'd be exposed to the risk and not even get the milk!

I was incredibly relieved and grateful to a neighbour who gave them some milk. It was very generous of them. Apparently they wouldn't take any money for it. They don't even know my parents well, they are almost strangers so they restored my faith in humanity! It was a bit like that Good Samaritan story in the Bible. Once this is over, I'll try to find out who they are and reward their kindness with a gift.

Is anyone here self-isolating or dealing with family members who need to self isolate? Anyone struggling to manage family members? I bet someone must be struggling with their kids! I'd be interesting to swap experiences.

Take care all of you.
Went in supermarket and there was nothing left,there was a big sign in the entrance saying '3 Items Only'.A worker there told me it just gets ignored by the greedy panic buyers and most is gone by lunchtime.
No fresh food,just empty shelves,this is turning into hysteria,theres plenty for all but some maggotts as usual want it all for themselves,imagine what it's going to be like in a few more weeks or months,a foodbank got robbed in Yorkshire ffs,robbing off the poorest,low life MFs.
I'm thinking of asking for a job to enforce the 3 item rule...with an electric cattle prod.
ny is 100% lockdown for unessential workers. we are trying to get some propane for heat. and houseshare whom is younger but has COPD and others, is getting some now. running for the few foods we can fix with a house this old and being torn down. One can go to grocery store at six am if one is elderly and/or underlying conditions.

it is an horrific and painful illness. seems lungs dissolve into a form of ground glass, or so it feels. we have those cruise ships to set up hospital beds.

and, closed colleges. but we are begging for masks, gloves and breathing machines. and our healthcare professionals are falling ill.

we were supposed to get a slight payment to see us thru. Did not happen. and when u live only on social security, it is tough.

I pray my soc security comes in.

I shall remain in self quarantine cuz of my known upper respiratory issues. and more. I believe our governor ordered all non essential workers to stay home beginning at eight pm saturday.

My good sister has her adult children staying away. and they collected food to donate. My other niece, also a teacher, set up games and learning online.

so, it is up to the Lord. For many of us. If i have hurt any of you by being strict, it was only to protect sources for those really in need. Please forgive me. For now, I can still pray for all. May God help us to be strong and loving during this time.

Good thread. My sister and i stocked up for y2k. the Catholic church said dont give food to neighbors. have guns ready. It was shocking then. All tossed out by a late great ex.

God be with u all. EDIT: please keep in mind that i am older than most here. just won the right for emergency dental care to avoid sepsis they said. Waited four yrs and now, nope. non essential surgery. But please, do not innundate me with emails and Pms. I am ill. Shall need to rest a bit as i have been doing.
Hello all, Just wishing everyone to be safe. It is getting more crazy every day. Also Charon, thanks for being the greatest

 at keeping everyone safe here. Prayers to you Charon, as well as everyone else here. It is going to get worse before it get's better

 but were going to eventually get back to normal. Key word eventually.
Heard on TV social security checks will be sent.

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