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I was tapped by the owner to write tributes for those whom died of Covid 19. And we pray for the survivors. *A tribute forum to those whom passed from Covid*

The newest gentleman to pass, was a US Mail Handler. In Rhode Island. His coworkers titled the main delivery room as the house of pain.

He was a young 34 yr old man. No underlying conditions. So, If u get a package, let it sit for 3 days. or wear gloves and a mask. and Glasses. New info is that Covid can come into ur body thru ur eyes.

Just be very careful.
Thank you Charon. My son is a letter carrier, you never know what any of today’s essentials are up against. The mention of the glasses Is really important. I’m so darn paranoid ( and 70!) if I have to go out I have worn safety goggles since January ! I looked quite a sight Back then Goggles, mask, gloves, the end of December I knew air travel made us sitting ducks. I told my kids not to worry about mom she’s prepared through Covid21 , God forbid!! Praying for everyone to be safe. The effects of this virus on daily life is heartbreaking .
Sorry Dory. It is not paranoia. We shall many of us here pray for ur safety and that of your family.

I don't go out. But our Landlord is tearing our house down. Rather hard to find a roommate online whom has not been doing stupid things that could put me in danger.

Hang in there. Stay safe. Don't you care if you look overly protected.

We learn more each day. Glad you are staying safe.
Love you Charon. You are in an awful predicament, praying for you on so many levels.
Thank u Dory. Always appreciated. All my love, precious. And stay safe for us.
That is tough Charon. I’m glad you are able to write tributes. It will mean so much to their family/friends
That is the exact point I've been making to all these folks that freak out
when anyone DOESN'T have a mask!!

It can get in through ones eyes just as easily ...


(05-13-2020, 02:21 PM)Dory67 Wrote: [ -> ]The mention of the glasses Is really important.
Thank you for sharing. This is scary and hits close to home. My friend who works for U$P$ who’s been giving me the DL and updates works in a RI PO. It’s small state so I’ll be sure to let her know since she is a carrier and handles mail all day long.