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I was just reminded the other day when I got my script for Cl0naz, it was Teva and superior to the Gal-Rivs generic I have come to prefer as far as just being kind and effective. Wow, the Teva was twice as nice as the Gals. Never great at chemistry in college and my pharmacist explained that companies are allowed a certain amount of wiggle room as to how much of an active ingredient is in a dose. Many meds like the phenofibrate I take for blood triglycerides it makes no difference, as I can't feel it as he said. But with Cl0naz I can feel it and a wee bit can make a big difference!!! A chemical compound is a chemical compound and should not be messed up by the manufacturers, as it is "simple" chemistry. Do you think it is other countries and their standards (My Guess) or is there more of the wiggle room allowed in other countries. Not sure but I am sure you all have experienced quite a difference between countries and brands. Any Thoughts? Happy Thanksgiving-FF