Full Version: Are sources drying up?
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I’m starting to worry that in our Covid, and perhaps even post-Covid, world that our list of reliable vendors is becoming very small indeed. 

I check this forum most days and instead of reports of new magazines arriving, there are more and more comments on long wait times and poor communication. 

Also, many suppliers that we used to rely on are now gone. Because of Covid, because of Pangea, etc.

So many in our family rely on our trusted vendors to help us with our lives. I don’t like seeing the options drying up and disappearing. 

Am I being too pessimistic?
Levi, sure seems that way at the time but fortunately we have a handful of reliable Vendors that seem to meet our members needs. There will be more to show up in the future when there is more certainty in the world. Like cooper said it was fun to try different vendors with different brands. Where there is $ to be made, people will rise to the occasion (not all honest sadly) I am an optimist and believe that things will be fine, maybe not great, in the next several years. Anyway, things are still making there way to us. But at an alarmingly slow rate!!!! Hang in there Friends-FF
Thanks for the comments. Good to end the week on an optimistic note!
(01-22-2021, 08:00 PM)Levi517 Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for the comments. Good to end the week on an optimistic note!

I agree  Levi nice to end a week with a positive thought!
I am new here, so don't have your knowledge, but from what I have seen there still seems to be a good selection of Vendors, and as above I would say new Vendors and old will return when things settle a little, I think the postage problems / lack of, has made things very hard, for them to operate.
I think it is a matter of vendors adapting to the circumstances we live in. And i see the vendors are carefully choosing countries to ship from. Vendors have all the info about whom will get through.

In time, we should be ok again. It would be awesome if we could order online using online or phones. Like we tried to do in the early 2000 years. It may be allowed again due to covid.

Don't give up hope.
My thoughts exactly Charon!!

We don't get to see everything that is really happening at both our Vendors end of things and even here in the states.  The world is in an utter state of confusion considering that this month is the anniversary of ONE year of Covid.  Add all the other things that have taken place in that year just here in the US and it becomes mind blowing!!  And that does not cover what other countries have had take place!

Our Vendors are doing the best they can to get to us and even they can't see what happens when things enter our borders.
One year seems like a very LONG time but when dealing with Governments and issues they control - One Year is a very SHORT time to get whole countries healthy and up again and running!!!

I, too, think we will be OK.  It will just take TIME!!
We were all very used to an "instant society".  Everything was quick and easy.  But we now have huge lines of cars waiting for a box or two of FOOD to feed their family right here in the US of A!!!!  Imagine what is happening around the world!!!

Life will return to normal or as close as it will probably ever get, but it ain't gonna be tomorrow!!

Best wishes to ALL!!!!

Please be safe and stay healthy!  And try to remember to be KIND to people!!!

Slick   Heart
Slick you make such great points. Whatever is happening to us we don’t even know what is happening at the vendors side. The world has been turned upside down and we are all just trying to survive. (Literally). My husbands family is in a different part of the world and they are going into their 4th lockdown. They literally need documentation to leave their house!
I’m in awe that any birds landed this year at all. Vendors have gone above and beyond.

Please everyone stay safe and distant. I know winter is so isolating but hopefully brighter days on the horizon.
I love all the great input from this site. A year ago life was normal. Then this insidious little virus upended the whole world. Everything we do has been affected including trying to source our favorite mags. Just like some of our local stores and restaurants have closed it makes sense that some of the best publishers might also fade away. What can we do? Over purchase, even just a little, from the publishers we love. We need to make sure they make it through now so they can still be with us later.
I do not think they are drying up I just think things are checking. I am in full contact with my vendor, making new subs, receiving. Everything is A-OK except extreme shippping timez
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