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This may be another stupid question but I have been getting phone calls from different so called IOP's .  The last one said he was from the old dds which I had used years ago.  I am assuming these are scammers but how the heck are they getting my phone #???? Anyone experience calls offering magazines.  I just don't trust the subscriptions.  Any advice would be appreciated.
If folks are "cold calling" be very skeptical ...

Years before this site was established, I used a Cali vendor for a few things... They folded (surprise)

Now, I still get emails saying it is time for me to re-order... Have my address four addresses ago... AH ..NO

Sounds fishy at best..

I agree with Ice.  Dds has been gone for years.  I used to order from another very popular vendor that folded, and my information was sold by them.  I still get calls and emails saying they are back.  Be careful of anytime you haven't initiated communication first.
I shall PM you a potential response, Cold North. k?
(02-16-2021, 07:04 PM)Charon Wrote: [ -> ]I shall PM you a potential response, Cold North. k?

Thank you Charon,  I love you already.  I tried to pm you back but it wouldn't allow me. I really appreciate you. Good Advice
So glad you could receive it though. At fifty posts, You may PM people. Or, In an emergency, either post and it will get my attention. Or email me at :contact me on home page. Bottom Left.

k? So glad for you. Thank you for being so polite.

BTW: None of us will ever call a valid question as "dumb." This lifestyle is differing to many of you. And we are in the midst of a pandemic.

So many are now in pain in this life, none of us will ever deliberately add to another's pain. You are safe here.