Full Version: ****ATTENTION****
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It has been brought o my attention that there are
a few folks (I won't mention any names at this time)
that trying to pad their post counts by spamming this forum..


If this trend continues , steps will be taken to alleviate the problem.


So, if you read the rules, one of them is That it is a violation of all rules and regs and all things good and holy to ask us as to why someone was banned or purged.

Don't do it. You may be next. We don't need this carp,as Ice Man says, now, or ever.

If u start a thread asking where is xxxx or xxxx, u will be banned on the spot.

Read the rules. We covered it all. And we had no rules whatsoever when we were private. Too many people here. And, they do feck up with too many posts. Giving up too much info. Bringing back to life shut down threads.

If a thread has not had any action in four years, forget about it...

Can u hear the peace coming back to our family forum? Thank you to all whom PM'd us with your concerns. it just took an investigation and some work, but we listen to our members, esp our Pioneer members. These purged members upset many of you.

Gone with the wind.

Stay safe and have a wonderful day. =)
Seems very fair. I do not have a lot of posts but I would rather just post when I have something relevant to say or a question. I am not interested into posting just to get my #'s up.
Be patient and learn