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  Had To Put My Two Cats Down Last Monday
Posted by: NovemberRain - Yesterday, 11:30 PM - Forum: The Lounge - Replies (3)

Where I live, the vet bills are enormous. It’s a bit “rural” and the coyotes get most of the cats. Thus the higher prices. 

Not only that, but they have a new “policy”. If your pet can be “treated”, they will not put them out of their misery.  Angry So, of course in their monetary opinion, ALL pets can be “treated.”

My cats were given to me by a friend who has a family member who is highly allergic. The breed of these cats are known for causing allergic reactions because they have so much dander. 

They were Senior cats and from the same litter. One had diabetes and kidney issues. The other had urinary tract issues. Both began to urinate outside of their litter boxes. The one with diabetes was quite overweight. She also had a certain walk diabetic cats often have. The other yowled at night but not her normal meows. They were odd sounds. Both had arthritis and other issues as they aged. 

I was so furious at this particular vet that has a chain of them, because it was so obvious that they just want to make money. 

I think it’s very cruel to “treat” certain ailments in animals that cannot be cured. It’s stressful enough for many pets to be placed in a carrier and taken to the vet for treatments that are weekly, bi weekly, etc. 

I was so angry I came close to saying “So, where did you find the Fountain of Youth for cats?” 

They were in pain from arthritis, and urinating was painful. There is more, but it’s too difficult to talk about. 

Touching them in certain ways was painful for them. Picking them up was very difficult because I could tell that it was hurting them. 

I found a place online that comes to your home and puts them to sleep. Yes, it was expensive, but the other vets’ ongoing “treatments” would have added to far more. 

They showed up last Monday, the veterinarian and assistant. I walked out to meet them. The first thing the assistant did was give me a big hug. Inside, the veterinarian gave me a hug. 

They were so kind. They put them in my arms when they gave them the shot to put them to sleep. I held them in large towels. They gave the larger cat more to make sure she was completely asleep. They used adult bed wetting sheets and gently placed each cat on one. Then they gave them the “main” shot. 

They went peacefully with no pain. They cleaned up, carried them to the back of their car and told me to spend as much time as I wanted with them. I kissed each of my cats, and said my goodbyes calling them by their many nicknames. I had the option to keep them and bury them here, but I couldn’t have done it because the ground here is too hard. 

They were Seniors when they were given to me. I had them a little over a year. They each had a wonderful life with their previous owner, and they were sweet and fun cats when I had them. 

I will NEVER use this popular vet chain again. 

Don’t BS me about “quality of life”, telling me that my cats can be treated.  

First of all, they don’t like strangers, and this includes YOU. 

Second, even seeing their cat carriers causes them to panic. 

Third, you are sickeningly cruel. Many treatments are painful and YOU know it. 

Fourth, you’re blood sucking attorneys (no offense meant to you, Charon. I know you weren’t, and aren’t, that type) who just want to rack up billable hours.

Fifth, so many people go into credit card debt because of businesses like yours, and then the pet dies anyway. And you KNEW that was going to happen. Now they’re stuck with payments they can’t afford. 

Six, not everyone has transportation available 24/7. 

Seven, you are partly to blame for pets that get turned loose and left to fend for themselves. You refuse to put a pet out of its misery, and many no longer have the means to take care of the pet. 

Eight, many of the catteries aren’t taking anymore cats. 

Nine, the ones I have been to are filled with too many cats, who eat and drink from the same bowls, use the same litter boxes, and exchange respiratory infections and viruses. And you (purposely) don’t always disclose any various illnesses the cat(s) have that people pay for, and take into their homes. 

I know because you lied right to my face about certain cats. 

Ten, you may or may not know this, but others do. You have a bad reputation for not disclosing important health issues about your pets. 


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  winston churchill
Posted by: Charon - Yesterday, 02:21 AM - Forum: The Lounge - No Replies

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  someone seems to have poisoned my cat two days
Posted by: Charon - 02-24-2024, 07:52 PM - Forum: The Lounge - No Replies

He was from the feral colony a bit aways. i moved here when he was 6 months. i WON him over.

but he will not stay inside. The first times we tried he pushed an AC unit out of the window and jumped.

He was okay.

But now two days in a row he is vomiting horrifically. and i CAN see red meat in it. He does not get that here.

I am praying he returns safely.

People suck.

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  zelle scams
Posted by: Charon - 02-24-2024, 02:08 AM - Forum: The Lounge - No Replies

Read on blog or Reader
Site logo image ScamicideSam of the day – February 24, 2024 – Senators Seeking Clarification from Zelle of its Efforts to Protect Consumers

Steven Weisman, Esq.

February 23

Peer to Peer Payment Payment Service (P2P) Zelle is used by many people to quickly and conveniently send money electronically from your credit card or bank account. Sending money through Zelle only requires you to enter the recipient's phone number or email address. Zelle is an app created by the company Early Warning Services (EWS) which is owned by seven of the biggest banks in the United States including Bank of America and Capital One. Presently 2,400 banks and credit unions offer Zelle as a service.

Unfortunately, Zelle has proven to be easily exploited by scammers and unlike scams targeting your credit cards directly, you may not have as much protection under the law to get your money back if you do get scammed. In addition to scammers luring their victims to pay for worthless items through Zelle, scammers are also sending phishing emails and text messages in which they lure their victims into providing their Zelle usernames, passwords and PINs to take over their victims' bank accounts through their Zelle accounts. Ironically, if your Zelle account is hacked, you are protected by law, but if you are tricked by a scammer into sending a Zelle payment, you didn't have any protection until now.

In the Scam of the day of October 31, 2023 I told you that after pressure from Senators Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown and Jack Reed and the banks that own Zelle agreed to provide for some people who became victims of Zelle scams to be reimbursed for their losses by their bank. It appears that Zelle banks and credit unions will reimburse customers who are victims of qualifying imposter scams where the scammer poses as a bank to trick the customer into sending them money through Zelle. However, as indicated in a letter from Senators Warren, Brown and Reed to Zelle, Zelle has not shared specific information about its new reimbursement policy and customers are not aware that they may be able to get refunds after being scammed. Additionally, the Senators voiced their concern about Zelle's unnecessarily complicated reporting requirements for scam victims. Zelle has not yet responded, but I will continue to follow this story.


Before signing up for any Zelle or any other P2P service, you should familiarize yourself with their fraud protection rules. In the fine print of many P2P services, you may find that you have little, if any, protection if you use the account to purchase something that ends up to be a scam. While PayPal offers significant protection from fraudulent transactions. Zelle should never be used for commercial transactions, but only to transfer small amounts of money to people you know. In order to protect your account from being hacked and being taken over by a scammer who could access your credit card or bank account, you should use a PIN or other dual factor authentication whenever your particular service provides for it.

To avoid having your Zelle account and other accounts from being taken over by hackers, never provide your username, password or PIN in response to any email, text message or phone call unless you have absolutely confirmed that the request for this information is legitimate, which it never is. You can confirm this by contacting your bank or other company by calling them at a telephone number you know is accurate. Even if you get a call that appears to come from your bank or other company with which you do business, your Caller ID can be tricked by spoofing to make the call appear legitimate when it is not.

If you are not a subscriber to Scamicide.com and would like to receive free daily emails with the Scam of the day, all you need to do is sign up for free using this link. https://scamicide.com/scam-of-the-day/

#zellescams #imposterscams #zelleimposter scams

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  335 unknown guests in here and no balls to speak
Posted by: Charon - 02-24-2024, 01:48 AM - Forum: The Lounge - No Replies

you know u could help others in bad situations in their lives. but u all seem too selfish to do so.

it will all be held against you when u need encouragement or meet God.

just sayin.

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  691 guests and no one with balls to talk or sign in
Posted by: Charon - 02-24-2024, 01:43 AM - Forum: Welcome - Replies (2)

some people look forward and or need to hear others opinions.

Some of you could help others in these trying times. With your words.

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  scam of the day
Posted by: Charon - 02-21-2024, 01:31 AM - Forum: Scam Pharmacy Forums - Replies (2)

Read on blog or Reader
Site logo image ScamicideScam of the day – February 21, 2024 – Dead People Becoming Victims of Identity Theft

Steven Weisman, Esq.

February 20

Not even the dead are immune from identity theft and this particular type of identity theft is now on the rise. Until new regulations were enacted in 2014 scammers merely checked out the latest obituaries and then went to a free totally available data bank called the Death Master File maintained by the Social Security Administration. Using the Death Master File, the scammer was readily able to obtain the deceased person's Social Security number which would then be used along with the information gained from the obituary to establish credit, make purchases or take out loans in the name of the deceased person. Since 2014 regulations have greatly limited the access to the Death Master File, but identity theft from the dead remains a serious problem because it is still easy for criminals to obtain Social Security numbers of dead people. Income tax identity theft using the Social Security numbers of dead people is a popular scam with income tax identity thieves because the IRS may not be alerted that the victim of the identity theft has died and is not filing an income tax return. Income tax identity theft from the dead can severely complicate the estate settlement process and threaten the deceased's assets.


Limit the amount of personal information contained in any obituary in order to not provide information exploitable by an identity thief. Also, the executor or personal representative of the estate should contact the major credit reporting bureaus, Experian, TransUnion and Equifax and notify them that the person is deceased and not to issue any further credit. All creditors, such as credit card companies of the deceased should also be notified of the death and the accounts closed as soon as possible.

If you are not a subscriber to Scamicide.com and would like to receive daily emails with the Scam of the day, all you need to do is to go to the bottom of the initial page of http://www.scamicide.com and type in your email address on the tab that states "Sign up for this blog."

#incometaxidentity theft #deceasedidentitytheft

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Posted by: tomatos - 02-19-2024, 01:23 AM - Forum: Who's Got It - No Replies

Orexin antagonist. 

Is there any place that sells this or is it a unicorn?

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  local news gas stations sells fake oxy made of fent
Posted by: Charon - 02-14-2024, 11:59 PM - Forum: World News - Replies (2)

Dutchess County Guns, Drugs Trafficking Networks Busted In Region, 7 Arrested, AG Says
Large gun trafficking and narcotics networks were busted and seven suspects were arrested during raids in the region.

Some of the guns and ammo were seized during the raids.

Photo Credit: New York Attorney General's Office
Kathy Reakes
02/14/2024 3:20 p.m.
The networks and suspects were operating out of Dutchess County, mostly in the Poughkeepsie area, according to New York Attorney General Letitia James.

The arrests were made on Wednesday, Feb. 14 throughout Dutchess County.

According to James, the gun trafficking network sold ghost guns and assault-style rifles and the narcotics trafficking network distributed counterfeit oxycodone pills containing deadly amounts of fentanyl in Dutchess County.

The takedowns recovered 31 firearms, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, approximately 5,000 counterfeit oxycodone pills containing fentanyl with a street value of about $150,000, and approximately $55,000 in cash.

As part of a 154-count indictment, four defendants are charged with trafficking numerous firearms, including ghost guns, assault weapons, and high-capacity magazines. In addition, a 63-count indictment charges seven defendants with trafficking thousands of counterfeit oxycodone pills containing fentanyl.

The busts were the result of an 18-month joint investigation led by the Office of the Attorney General’s Organized Crime Task Force, and the New York State Police special units.

The investigation began in April 2022 and centered around the activities of Muayad Qader, who sold firearms and drugs out of a Valero gas station in Lagrangeville where he worked, as well as his home in Poughkeepsie, James said.

During the investigation, Qader’s primary supplier of firearms was Jason Knapp, age 43, of Vernbank, a hamlet in the town of Union Vale, the AG said.

Knapp assembled ghost guns and supplied high-capacity magazines for Qader to sell. Qader’s other suppliers included Joseph Silverman, age 30, of Port St. Lucie, Florida, and Louis Gonzalez, age 53, of Lagrangeville, who supplied him with other firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

Beginning in January 2023, investigators also uncovered Qader’s drug trafficking operation, in which he sourced counterfeit oxycodone pills containing fentanyl from several individuals in Dutchess County, James said.

The pills were dyed and stamped to resemble prescription oxycodone, but contained only fentanyl, putting users in grave danger, the AG added.

The fentanyl pills.

New York Attorney General's Office
The investigation revealed a drug trafficking network in which Curtis Holland, age 32, of Poughkeepsie, would supply pills to Isaiah Atkins, age 27, of Poughkeepsie, who would then supply Qader’s primary source, Aaron Steppe, age 29, of Poughkeepsie, the AG's Office said.

Steppe would meet Qader at the Valero station, transporting the pills in his car. Additionally, the investigation revealed that Stephen Gary, age 39, of Lagrangeville, supplied counterfeit oxycodone pills containing fentanyl to Qader at the Valero Gas Station.

James also thanked the Dutchess County District Attorney Anthony Parisi, the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office, the City of Poughkeepsie Police Department, and the Dutchess County Drug Task Force for their assistance throughout the investigation.

This is a developing story. Check back to Daily Voice for updates.

Click here to follow Daily Voice Northwest Dutchess and receive free news updates.



The bad guys are desperate for monies now. They don't give a rat's arse if u die in the process. Make sure u only use a reputable pharmacy, doctor and or vendor.

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  happy valentines day
Posted by: Charon - 02-14-2024, 05:11 PM - Forum: The Lounge - Replies (4)

i don't think twice about it but i remember me mum would buy us a treat for said day.

be careful if u do go out.

ny is allegedly 31 degrees but with the wind it is brutal. in the house with heat on and propane going. argh!

stay safe. buy yourself a treat for the day if u feel so inclined.

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