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New Member - rancherman - 07-27-2020

First post here. I was wondering if I can post direct links to IOP's I'm considering after finding no info on them in a search of the forum? To get some feedback on it or if it looks fishy..Thanks.

RE: New Member - Charon - 07-27-2020

No direct links though. use hxxps in lieu of https. Direct links can wreak havoc in our forum. And more often than not show up in g--gle posts.

By the way, welcome, and glad u posted again as I am deleting little by little accts of those whom have not posted in years. Such as you.

So, Here ya go: the infamous rules:

No more than five posts in any 24 hour period. Trust me, u don't want to meet the wrath of our beloved Ice Wizard.

Are you going to contribute this time around? If so, welcome. May u find all u need.

RE: New Member - Charon - 07-28-2020

Well now u cannot post. I suspend ur privileges. I told u no hot links. and When I come on, u have posted a hot link. And u state: tell me if breaking any rules. Well i did. In this your second or third welcome thread u started since u "joined."

Pretty sure your smart arse moves and disrespect will cuz me to just ban ur sorry arse later.

You cannot show up here yrs later with crap and violating the rules.