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New here - selfless-desires - 09-13-2015

Hi everyone, i wanted to introduce myself. I am a self proclaimed researcher looking to get a little more understanding with brain chemistry.

Some interesting things about myself are that I currently am studying chemistry albeit I'm not sure exactly what direction I want to take and observing/recording any and all interactions within our everyday lives is something I truly enjoy. My goal is to learn and help out the site in any way possible.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to being a productive member of this community.

RE: New here - IceWizard - 09-13-2015

Welcome aboard ... I'm sure you'll just love our little family ..


RE: New here - selfless-desires - 09-13-2015

Thanks ice! Forgot to mention I've spent a decent time lurking and finally created an account. I have amassed my own little list of go to's, so I can't wait to contribute. Per the rules of course

RE: New here - IceWizard - 09-13-2015

Good information is always recieved well ... I'm sure you'll have no trouble posting in the appropriate spot ...

I'll be seeing you around Selfless ... You sound like you're gonna get along here just fine ..

RE: New here - selfless-desires - 09-14-2015

thanks ice love the warm welcoming! See you around

RE: New here - Zander - 09-14-2015

Welcome Selfless! We should do well... I'm selfish! You can give and I can take. =)  

I'm happy you could join us and cya on the threads.

RE: New here - selfless-desires - 09-14-2015

Thanks Zander. Good to meet you. Glad to be accepted with open arms. Can't wait to really get into all these threads and offer what I have. I really enjoy that this site is so small, bigger is never better when it comes to these things.

See you round

RE: New here - Linville - 09-14-2015

Hi selfless-desires

Welcome….  Smile

RE: New here - OrangeClay - 09-14-2015

Welcome selfless-desires, to our great little forum. Zander is selfish<-------he never lies. Wink

RE: New here - QueenB - 09-14-2015

selfless-desires, Welcome Big Grin

Your Queen