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More and more of the tainted meds
There is a lot of thought-provoking ideas on this thread. I have both experienced first hand, and seen among people I know, how people are abandoned if they are sick. However, I agree with Nobleone that financial problems have hit the younger generation hard, too. They generally don't have health problems, but many of them have no way to start their own household and support a family.

I am not certain if political discussions are allowed here, but I will say that I hope the political situation in the US changes soon so that people will no longer struggle so much financially. Maybe things will get better sometime around, say, November 2020.

About the "Great Recession," yes, Charon, you are completely right -- it was a depression. A recession is when the economy declines, generally measured as a reduction in GDP. Usually, recessions are followed immediately by a recovery, producing a V-shaped curve in GDP over a period of time. A depression is when the economy goes down, and does not recover quickly. This produces more of an L-shaped curve -- the economy goes down, and stays down for a considerable period. This is what happened in 2008 and the following few years -- except no one wanted to call it a depression. Overall GDP has recovered, but that includes a lot of rich people getting richer. Many non-wealthy people lost out in the Great Recession and never recovered.

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