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To All Members, Please Read
Well i went through a prolonged period I hadn't posted and that was because I was determined to be medication free. Even going as far as not taking my antidepressants. Well let's just say this approx 4 to 5 month period was a very lonely depessing and anxiety riddled period. I just couldn't continue like that so I resumed my antidepressant and within a month my life once again started to feel worthwhile but anxiety continues to rule the day so im going to have to start taking the med that has ever worked for me which is a benzo. So im back here again searching for a dependable supplier. I came back and discovered the same close knit family that I came to love in the past. Any of the many other message boards just does not measure up to the folks here. I just love these guys...i love ya
And Charon, thank you for letting me in. Can I just thank you for being you?

A Great Mind and a Good Heart and Soul Will Always Prevail and Rule Over The Rumors Fakery and [email protected]┬áThat You Go Through.
A bit of decression is always needed
I'm also adjusting to the new rules and want to make sure my posts are helpful, honest, and still discreet. I'm really glad I found this community; I thought I was all alone out there. Love all you!

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