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Subuxone vs Subutex? Buprenorphine Thread
Good for you, junia. What an awesome career choice. You can help thousands.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Thanks Char. I truly believe that in the treatment of addiction, loving a person well is far more successful and humane than rejecting and shaming them well aka interventions and rehab facilities that practice the protocol of tearing one down before building them up.

It's never too late to be what you might have been.

I went from using a very hard drug to going to a clinic and taking subs. I then worked the process correctly and began tapering off the subs. I got down to a reasonable dose where I thought I could go completely off of them which I did. However there were still withdrawals. I took a week off work and stayed at the beach to detox completely. I returned home and didn't feel completely detoxed until about 2.5 weeks after my last sub. It was really hard.
Thank you! It was very hard but the alternative was no longer an option. I was turning into a horrible person until I began the program I was in. I graduated from college however I'm more proud of completing the program. I just hope people out there know that it can be done. You need a strong support team and you need something to fulfill that new void in your life. Until you have those in place it's near impossible.
The naloxone does absolutely nothing, so if you're not planning on shooting (where it is still useless, believe it or not, for the most part, buprenorphine sticking to mu and other opioid receptors stronger than almost all opioids commonly available except for enough Fentanyl or Fentanyl derivatives can displace it)...and thankfully it does, when I was switched from methadone to bupe for unacceptable side effects from the methadone after a year on it, weight gain being the bigger culprit here, and it also makes you wake up for midnight snacks that are sweet...I don't know why it does but the doctors at the ORT clinic are all very aware of this.

But at least I hear some European countries have 1.4mg and 0.6mg Suboxone, right now I'm trying to lower my dose to just 8mg, from 12 to 10, I did it directly, was kinda hard especially the first month, but then I got used to it, but when unfortunately unlike the US where Suboxone no more comes as pills but comes on "strips" which is pretty much like blotter paper with 1mg per square, they could be having a script of 9mg. I can't, and lowering when you're under 10 is where it gets's incredibly tough when at 4mg and under. Anyway, I'd like to have those 1.4mg suboxones, would make it possible to lower without the whole 8mg one day 10mg the other...been 5 doing that for 5 months...I don't get any of the anxiety removal that buprenorphine gives me when under 8mg a day...
(04-23-2016, 09:46 PM)Chickenzilla Wrote: Subutex all the way!

I fully agree that the nalaxone was making me feel  bit off and not worth it..

I currently take the 54 411 Roxane subutex.. They are pretty big for 8mg.. But whatever.. What can ya do?

Also if you're paying outnof pocket you'll save so much more with Subutex.
Agreed — I was lucky and had a doctor who switched me from Suboxone to Subutex because of financial reasons. In this day and age, I think most doctors wouldn’t do that because, well, Subutex is more likely to be abused.

I take the small white ones from Hi-Tech Pharma. I was taking the larger pills after my local pharmacy stopped carrying the Hi-Tech generic, and after 2 months of having to spend an inordinate amount of time dissolving the things under my tongue, I called around and found what I needed at a Costco pharmacy. I just don’t know how people deal with sublingual pills that are bigger than an aspirin!
I prefer generic subutex, and to be specific the Rhodes Generic is terrific.  There are some lousy generics out there but Rhodes isnt one of those.  Ask your pharmacy if you can have it ordered.
My favorite here in the US is a generic made by Rhodes Pharms.  Very good and consitent in terms of quality.  Mylan and westward are not bad choices.  I dont like the orange actavis ones at all, the small akorn hi tech brand is good but very small and difficult to divide up.

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