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Pleasure to be here.

here is the episode you had previously mentioned.

The Mind and the Matter (12 May 1961)

~A man keeps his memories where his money once was~
(06-22-2015, 02:07 AM)Zander Wrote: Charon, feel free to play at will. =)  The Pill Nazi is hilarious. "No pills for you!" I just wish I had thought of it. The Soup Nazi was one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes. Most vendors are cool, but you get some dimwitted dingleberry like Vague who develops a God complex because he sells drugs that people need or want. Well sometimes he sells drugs people want or need, he often sells bunk junk. He's no more that some punk a$$ street drug dealer. He forgets who he makes his money from, the customers who he abuses so. I wish they could organize and just stop buying from him and let the lunkhead talk his b.s. then. He'd be on his hands and knees begging them. Mo matter, he will be shut down permanently soon enough. There is no doubt about that.

Hey that's a great idea, make an Evil Tester account and put his fat-faced, tiara wearing Burger Queen picture on it... Naw, bad idea... That would be too cruel for our members to have to look at.... He wasn't just beaten with the ugly stick...the whole damn ugly forest whip-lashed him.

Not a bad idea Zander, vogy & et did that to MacroMan's avi, what goes around comes around. Anybody good at altering pictures, we could doctor up that tiara burger king picture and make another fake account to go with all the other fake accounts. People sorry if I seem nuts posting to all these fake accounts it's just a little hobby of mine, I am schizophrenic and so am I. Heart

" To open a shop is easy, to keep it open is an art"
Lol I have no idea what he looks like but it would be funny as hell

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