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Not State or Country Specific - Basic Information you should research prior to F2F
It’s an important attitude to remember when talking to “the professionals” very easy to forget and let your guard down when you start to chat and it’s going well. I have to remind myself to maintain the attitude even when things are appearing to work out so to speak.
Exactly as you say sometimes you have to act more ignorant about names and technical terminology as it’s like they see that as a red flag.
Hard for me to accept. I have autism and I’m very literal and find it difficult to be grey. I have found though better outcomes by not being to trusting or innocent. It’s odd as I’m not after anything “out of order” technically, however, doctors will assume things or put you in a category that may be unfair.

Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll definitely take a look. Thankyou
Glad to see I’m not totally an odd ball doing research and strategically adapting to navigate the medical world and disability world for different outcomes. Haha there is probably an easier way of putting that. ?

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