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Serbian Benzos (Gold Standard)?
Ksalols absolute best value and we got the gold standard vendor.
"Another Day In This Carnival Of Souls"
Well done, all, for not mentioning the serbian vendor names in open/public forum.

Thank you.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
There are more than 3 on here knocking around but the 2 best ones are certainly on this forum The auparin aren't made there anymore but somewhere nearby. Galenika products are all very reliable though and i would rather risk ordering something from there than some other countries that's for sure
Serbia got Benzos right, that's for sure. Ksalol is fantastic.
I Ksalol a Serbian specifically product or one available globally?

I think thats probably a stupid question...
We don't know, per se. But, get in your fifty posts, and u can check them out for urself. k? (PM me if u cannot find them once u have ur first fifty posts in.)
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Cheers Charon

I'm making quite slow progress on that front!

Im trying not to just speak shit to get my posts up!
I am very close to Serbia, I live few hours away, I do not often or regularly use Benzos , but most of my friends around here do often. And I have to say that it is impossible to beat the Serbs in benzos . That the truth. And the price is unbeatable for this strength and quality. And it is best if you talk in pm and not in public about the source if you want to protect and enjoy Ksalols from Serbia for a lot of time in the future.
Is Serbia in the EU?

I should know the answer to this but we're leaving it soon so I guess I lost interest...haha
Yep, EU.

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