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hello everyone
For those who have been here a bit remember me...i'm back.  I apologize to those who may have read my 'escapade' a couple of

months ago.  Do Not Mix Alcohol With Your Medication!  I intend to be a bit more positive and honest with my comments this time

around.  Good to see the forum is still running strong.
Welcome Teddy.. Again...

Let's not have a repeat of the last fiasco....

A True Friend
Freely Advises,
Justly Assists Readily,
Adventures Boldly,
Takes all Patiently,
Defends Courageously
Continues a Friend Unchangeably.

William Penn

[Image: rO7eOwh.jpg]
Nemo me impune lacessit

Welcome back, Teddy! Smile
Good post to come back with, teddy. You did not change ur name or pretend.

I respect that.

Welcome back.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
welcome back buddy, yeah just close out the website in that state of mind, it is how we stay strong here
your only as old as the last time you changed your mind !
thanks for the feedback more fiasco's.
Oh, had that only been true Teddy. U created account after account. You attempted to wreak havoc.

Still lie as much? U had part of u wanting to be a decent human. And then u let the worst of your character own you.

a guest is reading this, and i figure it may be you.

We don't miss you. We don't tolerate liars and scoundrels well here. You have chosen to be a scoundrel in life. Bye bye now.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel

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