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I've received my order Smile  Heart
good to know.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Eye roll.  

For all the newer people... Be careful when ordering from all vendors. I wouldn't necessarily order on a recommendation given by someone who didn't try him, but thinks he is a nice guy.  Be cautious when spending your hard earned money.
I used these guys a little while back and never review them... The story went like this,,, I made an order and then learned that what I ordered would conflict with my heart condition...I immediately cancelled the order and requested a refund,,, I did get a refund...

I found RU to be Very amiable and straightforward...
I thank God you figured that out before you ordered a possibly dangerous medicine. I honestly would never have asked a vendor to refund my monies. But, I did use ttm private, and one did not disagree with that vendor in any way shape nor form. So, I am impressed u got a refund. Well done to you and the vendor.

I just never saw anyone post that before. Seriously. He sounds to be an honorable man whom cares about your health.

I, I am impressed. Thanks Skink.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Never had any problems with them so far 10/10, they have a good selection of reading materials and so easy to overlook for possible interactions. I have myself nearly got into a pickle by ordering something that I found out in time would cause major interactions and cancelled immediately without any issue
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I ordered something to read from them a month or so ago. I was forwarded to another address that ships from the xxx. I will put the redirect name if needed, I'm going to not mention it if not needed.
Anyway, the magazine shipped actually shipped from another country. For some reason, it got stuck and I received a ll. I contacted the shipper and he sent my magazine from a different place and included a nice gift.
Not the fastest, but the magazines were as expected and the vendor was polite and in touch. If they have a magazine you are interested in, I can vouch that right now, they are solid. More specialty items than a huge newsstand, but just wanted to provide current information.
I made another quite large order recently. Everything came intact, and pretty good communication. Yes, it can be a bit slow but any interaction i've had with the gentleman has been excellent, and he's knowledgeable and happy to share his knowledge and experience.
can anyone confirm this source is worth a shot as of late? thanks in advance!
Looks like as of 03.14.23, they were still getting through..
I've not used this one, but others have...

Maybe someone can chime in here with any updates

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