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Best benzo for opiate w/d?
i take a small dose of a sleep bento for sleep and then kratom during the day. does anyone else use the kratom?
MrFussbudget, I suggest that you stop posting for the night so that it all can be sorted out.

You have laid down a big hurdle though in this post to make it over. IMO.

I am saying for you to stop posting on this forum until this is sorted out.

Up to you, now. 2:43
Mad Max, I think you are correct, we are a "close knit" group of friends made by years, trials and errors...

Having said that, this forum is run OUR way for a reason, if our system does not fit YOUR agenda, go elsewhere...

Thanks Max

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As stated to both parties, I shall always back our moderators and our rules.

We have worked out a suitable solution for both parties and I am hopeful we can move on soon.

Well done, all. We all do our best in a very tricky and ever changing world in which we live a good deal of our lives.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
I went to a Pain mgt doctor, whom is very knowledgeable with opioids, prescribing, withdrawl,etc and so on.  He uses Valium to help with the muscle cramps, and considers it very important to keep your heart rate down and calm.  When he wrote out my prescription he didnt want the pharmacy to substitute with any generic period.   He specializes in pain medicine and is a board certified anesthesiologist. 

Hope this helps
Valium, without a doubt.   One of the reasons for Valium is to keep your heart rate down, its going to be all over the place, not to mention the muscle cramping and spasms.  Its the most versatile Benzo available.
Can’t speak from personal experience, but asking friends the previous poster right before me nailed it on the head. Probably best starting there. Good luck. And a hot bath always helps no matter what kind of anxiety. but restless leg syndrome, I don’t know if that similar to what happens, but I would put a agreement like I said Valery
Clonazepam is always a bad idea because even though it’s halflife is long, it’s more like a Xanax in the way it causes dependence. Xanax and clonazepam are worse than phenobarbital by far in terms of dependence. Worse than butabarbital. And yes I have been scripted all this stuff over my sad life. Bromazepam or diazepam are the only two that can be used for what the op wants.
I have been told by my doctor the best benzo for that is Valium, without question.  Its much more versatile, keeps your heart rate down, helps with muscle cramps while in withdrawl and just overall prevents you from losing your mind from the agony and I have to agree!!

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