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Tapering Going Well, Take it slow!
For the last year I have started the day with 2mg Clonazepam and 40 mg Diazepam after work.Reading Ashton and reading boards over the years I know it can be a long haul. It has been a month and I cut too 1mg Clon and 30mg Diaz. The cut in Clonaz was a bit to fast so went to 1.5 Clonaz. Next week will try 1mg Clonaz and 25mg Diaz and see if that works for a month.
I must be honest it has been quite easy so far but I know it will get harder down the road. Just a word of encouragement for those of you with similar problems. Go Slow and take it easy, sure glad I never got on Xanax! Best to you all who are in the same Boat. Benzos have there place, but daily use is not one of them! Feeling better already even though it has been a small decrease in dosage. Do yourself a favor and save some money and your mind! Best to you all. FF
Good for you FF.
sound advice. congrats on cutting down to 1.5mg. "Go slow and take it easy" is really important. It is bbest to realize it will take months or years to taper off a high dose. There is no magic bullet, or 1 month fix after years of use. Also, I noticed you're taking only 2 doses per day: one in the morning and one after work. Good if it works, but dividing into 3 or 4 smaller doses might even out the highs and lows.
awesome. let us know how it goes. very encouraging for many members on this forum, i am certain.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Glad you are headed in the right direction FF. You're right about XAn as that was the first bzo I was prescribed. I was switched to clons and reserve X for emergencies only.

I was fortunate to be able to back off before I hit large daily doses. Credit is due, mostly, to this forum and how so many have shared their personal struggles.

Good luck, I look forward to hearing of your progress.
Thank You all for the support and advice! Having to speak publicly, give tours and interviews and some TV stuff, I just wan't to get back to the days when I only took as needed under Doctor Supervision. I am thankful I have not been on such high doses for all that long. I can only imagine the difficulty of tapering if you have been on this shit for many years, I feel for those of you who feel trapped in this nasty world of Benzo abuse. I decided to taper as I began feeling a bit depressed and cognitive abilities began to deteriorate. Thanks again and more advice would be appreciated, best to you all! FF
Well done. It is hard, but not a race. No prizes for doing it quickly (and more painfully). From experience, and reading on the topic, I think that sometimes life events mean you have to delay making the next cut. But if you plateau for a bit until you are ready for the next cut it is fine - certainly better than increasing again. Although I can totally understand why you came back up to 1.5mg of clon. Dropping that in half was maybe a bit ambitious. But you are going in the right direction. Good luck with this. There are many people here who will support you at the more difficult times.

All the best, barq
Thanks for your support barq, I need it and Sal thanks as well as with the smaller doses as that has been especially with the Clonazepam. It has been over a month now and a bit apprehensive about the next cut but know it is about time to do it. Am down 25% on both meds, maybe I will back off the 30mg diazepam to 25 and wait a bit on the K-pins, any suggestions? FF
Wow 25% reduction is great! I can't give you any advice, but please know that your efforts are encouraging to soo many people.
Thanks MJ! I guess I am a bit lucky as I have only been on heavy daily doses for a few years but can already feel the difference. I sure feel for those who have been using daily for a decade or more as it surely must be terribly difficult to cut down. Now I feel like I am going to slow but I think the turtle wins in this kind of race. Thanks again for your support! FF

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