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Tapering Going Well, Take it slow!
Encouraging for sure! After reading this thread I made a small reduction last week and am pretty much stable at the lower dose now, 7 days on. I don't think I can handle another reduction until these holidays are over, but FF: you are an inspiration.
I had been on clonazepam for about 6 years ranging from 6mg to 2mg per day.

I am now at a steady 1mg per day.

Stick with it and don't give up.
Congrats Sal and tb87. Still stuck on that 25% reduction,had hoped to make a little cut this week but I did not do it. tb87, may I ask how long it took you too taper down that much? I am thinking about shooting for 1 year to reduce to zero or only when needed. Is that too slow? I know we are all different, but would like to set some goals but just not sure what is realistic for me. I guess as someone said to me that my body will let me know if I am going to fast, sounds like good advice. Best to you all. FF
Up-Date, well adjusted to 1mg K-pin (50%) reduction, only up-dosed several times. Still stuck on the 25% reduction to 30 mg diazepam. Would it be better just to switch to V's? They tend to make me a bit more drowsy and would hate to start the day tired? Any thoughts or advice appreciated! Happy New Year to you all! Hope it is a great 2017, FF
Hello FF!

I switched to V's. Yes, AT FIRST they made me tired (and a bit more depressed) but I found that I was able to cut a LOT more in the beginning.  They have a longer half-life and I found them MUCH smoother to taper with.

A 50% reduction is a HUGE reduction of K.  So, I can understand your having to up-dose. Cry

Out of all of them, I found V to be the best way to taper.  I know that is me, and each person is different.  I'm also not a doctor.

But having been through it, I can say V was so much easier.  I did not "cross over" taking my benzo and then also switching to V at the same time.  I just switched to V. And I was able to drop a LOT in the beginning.  I started at 40mg of V for my taper because I wasn't sure what dose to use, and I didn't want to end up having to up-dose.  Well, I was able to drop more than 10mgs at a time, very, very quickly in the beginning of the taper.

After that, I began slowly, slowly reducing the V.  I took longer than most people because I had to "function" working directly with the public. Angry  Dodgy  Something I do not enjoy and thankfully no longer have to do.  Angel

Idea You could always just give it a try, FF! Smile  

And, as for starting the day off tired, your body may adjust to the V so that you don't wake up groggy.

Oh, and I didn't give up my caffeine as some do when tapering.  Nor sugar, etc.  I ate just like I always did.  I wasn't about to rid myself of any food I enjoyed.  No way! Tongue

Tapering can be difficult enough, and yes some foods etc., do "rev" some people's symptoms up, but I never had that happen to me.  Also, I do not drink coffee, but I did (and do) drink Iced Tea ALL DAY LONG! Cool  

I'll be keeping you in my prayers!  And Happy New Year to you!

Abigail Heart
Mr. R, I had know idea that WD from Benzos could cause life-long epilepsy? Had always heard that Alp's were terrible to WD from. Under the tounge V,s or K-pins should work for any anxiety in my opinion? Message to all, do not take the Alp road as Mr.R can testify to! I got the Boot from another forum as I tried to help a Xanax addict by contacting vendor. I wish this could be posted everywhere on the board, STAY AWAY FROM XANAX! Have heard to many horror stories and Mr. R's breaks my heart. Best to you my friend and thanks for Sharing! FF
When the manufacturing company came out with xanax, they claimed, as they do, that no one would get addicted to it. Balderdash. My older sister is a well known medical doctor and she fell for xanax as well. It took her years to reclaim her life.

I have read hardened users state: once one is on xanax, they will never come off. It is that difficult.

But, the same is true of valium. One is to never go cold turkey. Seizures can occur. Once one has a seizure, they are subject to seizures their entire lives.

I am sorry roto rooter. I have to cover my face to avoid dagnabbit TV shows that flash lights and have pounding music.

I always carry my emergency seizure med.

Is that why they banned u? Crazy forum. You have a good heart, fish farmer.

And, to others, especially the new amongst us, please note that every choice u make in re: taking a medicine, can carry life long consequences. It is why we beg many of you to avoid self medication. And, to research every aspect of a med u r contemplating using.

Many use benzos but not many are aware that to go off cold turkey can be lethal. Good post, roto.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Great Advice C! So glad I never tried Xanax. I have an addictive nature to me, most of it long ago with illegal drugs and alcohol. A friend on the board,as you have been also offer the support as the family knows nothing. It means a lot to have people support my effort's! I am proud as I have reduced yet again. I think I got on top of it in the nick of time as it has only been about 2 years since I really started abusing, and know there are folks who have been doing it for many more years. Hope 2017 is a great one for all of us! FF
You will do it. I have faith in you. Best of luck to u. But, its sheer determination and u have that. Have a glorious nite my friend.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
fishfarmer, I am thrilled to hear of your progress!

Good job and I am throwing in my support for you too. There must be many watching you have success and thinking there is hope. 
So be very encouraged. Not only for yourself but that you may be helping others too, a good thing.

Oh everyone may not say in a post but are seeing you make slow but sure progress.

ff this is for you.
good luck 

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