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Stimulant Agreement (WI)
About twenty years ago, the gvt started busting physicians whom prescribed pain killers. i followed all this as i was on dr. forums, cancer forums, and my sister is a doctor.

No one would believe me but my poor niece. She is the only one whom signed the petition to keep appropriate meds in local communities.
Doctors all lost licenses. But certain rat bastards whom may be "family" to me, get tons and tons of drugs by doing mail order.

Actually the psychiatrist to the family member called me in. he was retiring. he told me my sister would run to his office at 2 am. Like long days journey into night.

She has not changed. I tried to help her kids whom she kept on 24 meds each a day. Nannies seven days a week.

Pain and suffering is for us. Not for them.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
It's Insane.. My 83 year old mom who is in chronic pain for a multiple of reason cannot be prescribed the pain medications by her Dr. She has to go to a Pain Clinic for that.. I mean her Doctors/Specialists who have seen her pain, operated on her pain, talks about her conditions during monthly drs appointments cannot be the ones to prescribe the appropriate medicine. Insane..
When i was first deemed permanently disabled no hope of recovery, i called the pain clinic to see what does one do? Pain is a large part of my issues.

The helpful hanna told me: listen, we don't want you to have to go around addicts and such for your PK> So, we will deliver methadone *which i never had or anything close to it* to your house.

Deal was for three months only. If i did not die by three months, i had to go cold turkey.

We got a swell system in NY. No one cares about pain and suffering in the elders of our world anymore.

Screw that nonsense. I still, all these yrs later don't take pain relief. well, excedrin?

The gvt never even suggested a dr to see. Nada. We also learned about then that dental procedures would be hell. Dentists could no longer give us any med but for ibuprophen with a coating.

No one wants to help those on tranq. But the vast majority of us have actual illnessnes and pain and we don't desire a high that will make us forget to sit down, or just go home. Not in NY. And i would be very hard pressed to be able to get to a clinic.

no one seems to care about the health of anyone in US unless that person is a celebrity.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel

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