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Ever Had a Seizure? Please Share Your Experience.
My seizure (the first I've ever experienced) is still so recent, less than two months ago, that details are still coming back to me on an almost daily basis.

In brief, my psychiatrist of fifteen years had some sort of change of heart regarding prescribing [email protected], he even sent a notice out via mail to all of his patients indicating that SSRI's and Gabapentin were all he would be prescribing in the future.  I received that letter a week or so before my next appointment was due, and kept the appointment in order to inquire as to whether he would be willing to taper me from the 3mg @[email protected]@m (1mg, 3x/day) using the Ashton method or even just a simple slow reduction of the alp dosage over three months or so.

He flatly refused.  I was furious, as I knew the dangers of attempting a "cold turkey" disuse of alp, given it is short acting and leaves the system pretty quickly, and the dosage he had me on for fifteen years was certainly high enough to cause all sorts of nasty side effects.  I left his office still furious, but not displaying it (I will no doubt need to have my records transferred from him to a new doctor when I have insurance once again, and life has taught me that burning bridges is unwise in any event).

It took less than two weeks for my system to go haywire.  As with most seizure victims I have no memory of the event at all, one moment I was sinking a new mailbox post in my front yard, and the next I awoke in an ambulance with an EMT asking me a barrage of questions.  My face, wrist, and chest hurt terribly, both the EMT and I were worried I'd had a heart attack or stroke, but my next door neighbor told me that she'd seen the entire episode from her driveway, where she was buckling her grandchildren into the car.  Apparently I struck my right arm violently with my left hand, beat my chest like Tarzan of the apes, then pitched face forward into the street (a cul de sac, thank goodness, not the main road), breaking my nose, my wrist, and a few ribs.  The road rash was so bad I might have fallen off of a rice burner at 120mph.

I was kept in the hospital for observation for three nights and three days, and here is the real kicker: Even though I explained to the attending neurologist that my psychiatrist had cut me abruptly off from a larger than average dosage of alp (tolerance builds up over the years, as we all know) and refused to help me taper with a longer acting med in the same class, he (the neurologist) wrote it up as a "seizure, cause unknown", and reported the seizure to the DMV, suspending my driver's license for 6 months.

I live in terror every day that another seizure will manifest, I get those awful "zaps" in my brain almost every day, and I have episodes of being unable to balance while I walk, as well as truly frightening near blackouts when I stand up too quickly from a chair.  Living alone doesn't help, of course, and my children (all long grown and gone, with children of their own) live too far away to check on me by anything but phone.

I have three measly 10mg [email protected] stashed away for emergencies (panic attacks), but my GAD is worse than it was before I ever started therapy or treatment, and of course as a member of the "funemployed", with no health insurance, I'm left with no other option than to order from an IOP.  I despair of the long wait to receive from overseas operations, but I fully understand the forum's rules concerning access to vendors who can deliver more quickly, so I'll just continue with my five posts per day until I'm able to see what other options I have.

In short, I would recommend none of the following:

1) Quitting [email protected] (or SSRIs) "cold turkey"
2) Neglecting to maintain a month's supply of the medications you need in case of emergency
3) Having seizures
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OldBoy the hospital doctor not looking into your history and then causing you to get suspended lic. for 6 months is just wrong.
they could have really helped you but chose to pass it along sounds like.

Thanks for telling ur story.
Good luck
By the sound of things this seizure has been caused by your doc stopping your @lps abruptly, just the shoddy/shitty way you have been treated by healthcare pros sounds like you might have a case for suing them for causing a severe negative impact on your health, just an idea for the future when hopefully you may have found a sympathetic doc willing to prescribe and help you taper off the @lps.
Its about time some of these docs were brought to book legally for causing so much suffering when it could have been easily avoided.
Yes a few times. If you see someone having a seizure, do NOT try to physically intervene in any way. Clear any obstructions near the person having a seizure to ensure they don't injure themselves, call the emergency services immediately and follow any instructions they give you whilst you're waiting for the paramedics to arrive. My friend tried to wake me up during one seizure and it was utterly brain was just not working whatsoever so I had no idea who he was, who I was, and where I was, what was happening...all I knew was I could barely breathe, my heart beat was thudding so loudly it was in my ears and I felt pure fear coasting through my veins.

I have no-one to blame but myself, I was coming off benzos from a prolonged high-dose. This was over a year ago now and I wouldn't wish any form of seizures on my worst enemy. Thankfully in a much better place now.

Please stay safe and ALWAYS taper if you're using benzos for long periods of time.
Hi Raven
I have had seizure's throughout my life. They were able to be controlled for period's of time (sometimes years) and then were off and running again. I had my first one at age 2. They say that I often had "fits" as a baby and they didn't know what to make of it. They attributed it to the fact that I had rheumatic fever at 6 months old. My mother's side of the family have very bad neurological symptom's, such as narcolepsy, REM sleep disorder, sleep paralysis, night terrors, brain zaps, and the like. I inherited most of that and sometimes it's hard to diagnose a cause for seizure with all that other stuff going on. I was on Depakote for years and it worked marginally well. Finally met a doc who wasn't a benzophobe and was switched to c-pam 12 years ago. Have been maintained on that ever since and am enjoying my longest stretch without a seizure. What a joy it is to have more confidence, particularly out in public. Who would think that good ol' c-pam was the missing ingredient through all the years that I suffered.  Have a great day.   RM
I haven't ever had a seizure. I've had weird physical symptoms of some pretty severe anxiety and psychosis and that is where it ends. I'm terrified of seizures and do my best to ensure that I don't have them.
Received some upsetting news last week that my brother had a seizure whilst at work and was taken to hospital. He's been working 50 hour weeks in a demanding managerial role, is midway through his MBA and commutes 700 miles back home on the weekends (works in London and AirBNBs there midweek, does the long journey back home on Friday evening then travels back down on Sunday evening) so to say he's burning the candle at both ends is an understatement. The brain scan and tests he got back from the Doctors yesterday revealed everything was fine, and since he's never had epilepsy or any seizure prior to this, seldom ever drinks and has never touched a drug in his life I'm led to believe this happened due to exhaustion. He's used to only sleeping four or five hours a night but with the stress of his job and MBA on top of travelling I am just so concerned. Even more so because I told him that as a family we all love and care for him and that his health has to be a priority but it's falling on deaf ears.

He even wanted to return back to work straight away and they literally demanded that he had to take a week off! And now that the Doctor has relayed the news that his test results are healthy he's convinced he can carry on with this unsustainable lifestyle he has right now.

Sorry for the rant, I'm just so concerned and worried for my older brother because he doesn't seem to appreciate how serious this is. I know I'll end up irritating him if I keep suggesting he takes it easy because I'm starting to get that vibe from him already.

Blooming family eh. Just wish there was a way to show him his health is so much more important than anything else right now. I know when I had a seizure years ago it was a huge wake up call to look after myself properly since it was the first time my body was telling me I'm not invincible. Hopefully when his studies end in the Summer he'll be less fatigued/exhausted but who knows.

Thanks for anyone who's read this, outside of the family no one really knows what's happened because I don't want to be a burden to friends talking about my problems when a lot of the time they've got bigger problems of their own.

I'll end this post with a friendly reminder to please take care of yourself, and listen to your body when it's telling you you're overdoing it. Take it easy folks x
LoKo44- thanks for sharing your story. Its uplifting to hear that you were able to turn such a traumatic event into an inspirational one by regaining your spirituality and going to nursing school. nurses are the unsung heroes.
after an accident, i had a TBI and was at risk for a seizure. I didnt think i would ever travel or do anything that would put me at risk for another head injury. a year later i packed up my belongings (from NYC as well) and moved to SE Asia.
Sometimes it really is how to turn lemons into lemonade.
LoKo44- good for your husband not getting effected by ignorant people out there. its a strong trait to tune people out. glad we have this forum for support and to read such positive stories.
My seizures.

Awhile back now I had an experience with seizures due to withdrawals, this is one of the few times I have shared this apart from with close family and doctors who helped me, so sorry for its long windedness but its how I express Smile.

My background that led to it:
When i was very very young (11) I was diagnosed with adhd and aspergers disorder, due to behavioural issues in school and difficulty communicating with people. This led to me prescribed a stupidly high dose of ritalin and later concerta, along with a nighttime dose of catapres(clonidine). As I was prescribed these from such a young age I never developed the sleep hygiene habits that most people do, And I still struggle with my sleeping.

After spending my whole childhood and young adulthood dealing with my sleeping problems unsuccessfully I went to a doctor around 5 years ago for help. He diagnosed me with severe chronic insomnia and Restless Leg Syndrome.

From this I was prescribed diazepam, but wasnt informed about its addictive nature, and i didnt have much experience with benzos and the troubles that come from them.

After a year of being prescribed this I had developed a physical and mental addiction and was taking huge doses and repeated doses frequently, I realised what had happened and decided to quit. Beinh very ignorant I went cold turkey. I moved back into my mother's house as she is a highly trained nurse and said she would keep an eye on me.

After a week I started experiencing extreme rebound insomnia, and after about 4 nights and days without sleeping I started to have severe paranoia and started to experience a form of delirium, which for me were extremely realistic hallucinations that I was unable to see for what they were at the time.

The night I started having the delirium my muscles and body were feeling extremely tight and tense, and I was having intense headaches and couldnt calm myself down at all.

When I had the first seizure I had no idea what was happening, and luckily my mother did, she had the foresight of expecting this might happen, and had retrieved the diazepam I had thrown away without telling me. She gave me a few 5s sublingual and within 10minutes my body had started to calm down.

I was stubborn and insisted on continuing the cold turkey, but after the second seizure a day and a half later I gave in and went to the doctor and began a tapering regime.

Nowadays I have been through so many different meds to combat The insomnia, and have made incredible progress in changing my sleep hygiene.

I have made an effort to become highly educated on benzos, sedatives, tranquilisers, pharmacology metabolites, pharmacodynamics etc etc. And although I am prescribed benzos again, i make sure to only take very short acting ones, with no active metabolites to prevent build up, and I only take them when absolutely necessary to make sure I dont become dependant, and I only have them when I have reached my second or third night of sleeplessness, mainly because the side effects of lack of sleep scare the crappers out of me. Such as: disembodied whispering and voices, shadow people, random bursts of smoke with a hissing sound etc.

So thats my story, I was uneducated and ignorant. I went through hell. But the silver lining was ending up dedicated to understanding everything about the nature of addiction, insomnia, sleep hygiene and all things related.
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