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Ever Had a Seizure? Please Share Your Experience.
About 2 days I had a seizure. I am a bit unsure why as I am taking no daytime benzos and was just using some midazolam here and there and that is so short acting, I figure I would of had a withdrawal or something rather than a seizure with no warning. I have no memory of the seizure. I know I had one since a family member was right next to me and my muscles are sore as if they were clenched.
On this side of the pond the first line medication is clobazam for seizures. However I know someone who takes it daily and is already on the maximum dose allowed and still has them every day and occasionally a grand mal so I had to administer midazolam intranasal a few times really scary. I don't understand why the md don't prescribe clonazepam which has a much stronger anticonvulsant effect I believe which I keep pushing for?!

Really makes me angry which makes me think is it more risky switching benzos when in relation to seizure control?
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Greetings All,

Back at the turn of the century I went through 2 back to back divorces and spent about 7 years in 2 very messy court battles as children were involved in both.

In June 2009 I was found unresponsive (did not know who I was) and having seizures. I had seized so had that it actually caused 2 hairline fractures in my back. I spent 10 days in ICU and after countless tests the neurologists concluded that I had suffered either a mild stroke or nervous breakdown due to the stress from the 2 divorces.

I have no memory of my life from June 2009 until September 2009 (except for bits and pieces, like dreams).

I struggled with seizures until around March 2010 and with the help of a very wise oriental doctor who taught me meditation and other techniques, I was able to get my seizures and more importantly my stress mostly under control and have not had a seizure for close to 10 years but it is still a constant struggle EVERY day. I always have his feeling in the back of my mind that I could have another seizure at any time.

The Memory, The Feeling I will always feel it inside me. The seizures and how bad they were. Medications do help for me in concert with just basically trying to just live a quiet stress free lifestyle which is easier said than done I know.

Whatever it was it changed me forever and sometimes I just have to walk away and simply BREATHE! That seems to be the best therapy for me.

Peace All

"Another Day In This Carnival Of Souls"

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