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is there a difference between MSJ and other diaz?
when I see them advertised they are not listed under the diaz section, yet I have heard from many sources that msj are indian diaz.  I have also heard they are dog diaz and they seem to be a lot cheaper

can someone please tell me if MSJ are the same as actavis, crescents, and so forth?

I saw on one forum that somone took 80 of 10mg diaz!  surely they must have been weak as otherwise that would have killed him.
If say so yes after recently trying them....i don't rate them at all but I believe there are some good 5mg ones going around
Was told they are made in sri lanka originally, don't know if they were made for vets to use on animals, seeing how tiny they are it could be true, would be easier to give to an animal than a much bigger tablet.

I have had some good and quite a few bad, heard some were actually an rc called etizolam, feels like the real dihaz but find it seems to start wearing off after 3-4 maybe 5 hours tops.
They are not the same as ones you mentioned yellowdog,mainly the tiny size being most obvious difference.

If you get the real ones they are quite decent quality dihaz, nothing wrong with them, would just find breaking one in half really difficult due to the size, cutting one into quarters would be nigh impossible imo.

There are both good 10 and 5's knocking around if you are lucky to find a decent source or iop, have read that there are more better 5's around than 10's though.

What brand did the person who took 80 of the 10's take? Do you mean they took 80mg or actually 80 tabs?
They must not be well to be taking 80 tabs if true, that would burn a hole in my stomach i reckon, the things some people will do never ceases to surprise me at times, hope whoever did that is ok and is getting some kind of help before they do themselves some real harm in the future.
Yes, Sri Lanka. Agree about the size. They'd be useless for tapering.

That said, I used to know a Scottish diaz vendor who told me MSJs were being cut in half and then put into fake diazepam pills. They'd press 2 or 3 new pills from one MSJ. I can't verify whether any of this is true, but it does suggest MSJs were considered quite potent diaz. Obviously the fakes would be under-dosed (I can't imagine they were labelled as 5mg!).

I haven't had any MSJs recently but had heard rumours of them wearing off quite fast and suspicions they might be research chemicals. That wouldn't be true for all of them, because legit MSJs are manufactured by a proper pharmacy. It's just that any pill that becomes popular as a brand will eventually get copied and fakes made. There were fake Actavis going around too. All you can do is get a recommendation and/or do a small test order yourself.
at G elias he to 80 tablets and they were 10g so that would be 800mg of diaz/msj
MSJ Diazepam are notorious for be sporadically dosed. Some batches are better than others. Not useful for tapering, but they are cheap and may get you out of a bind if you need them.
I've sampled PAX and they seem very weak to me. Just ordered a sample of Roche, at a much higher price, to see if there is a difference.

Everybody's body chemistry is different, so responses could be as well with differing brands.

I think I have a naturally high tolerance. The very first time I took a val, it was before a medical procedure, worked really well. But since then, when I tried a X for the first time at 1mg, it didn't seem to have much effect. These were US scripted ones. I needed two or three to get any relief.
MSJ is the company that makes all kinds of meds including Diaz,  clonaz,  and more. Haven't tried then but have run across other items in their catalogue
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(09-04-2017, 01:47 AM)Selassie311 Wrote: MSJ is the company that makes all kinds of meds including Diaz,  clonaz,  and more. Haven't tried then but have run across other items in their catalogue

I believe they are made by a Sri Lankan Pharma company
You do realize this thread is kinda old 09.07.17

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