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What " Real life" stories on the internet shocked/disturbed you?

Thought it be good topic to discuss real life stories that made you  think WTF!  Im thinking of stories that don't dominate world / national news  or news that may be so old that you don't recall.

MY  example,

Dee Dee  and her  /Maunchausen by proxy daughter Gypse,  just found out about it today, truly disturbing .. This " Devoted Mother"  made her perfectly healthy daughter  a prisoner both mentally and physically  by pretending for over 20 years that she was mentally handicapped with a mental age of 7 AND confined her to a wheelchair even though her daugher Gypsy could walk and was not in anyway  mentally handicapped nor did she lack any language skills DESPITE the fact her mother made sure she never had any socal contact,  Gypsy also used to have her head shaved forced to wear chldish clothes and her mom even faked her age.  She was treated and seen by adults to be a sick cancer suffering mentally handicapped child and she was spoken to as such.  Her Mother had medical knowledge and used the " katrina" disaster to move away from concerned family and dad of the girl  and made up lies to the father and made lies about the father and her other familiy members.
As for the Doctors?   She claimed her previous medical files were destroyed and created a back story and even took years  of  her daughters lfe va  fake date of birth etc,  With no family members and the dad not about,  She was able to  reinvent herself and took it to extreme measures.

Her abuse escalated,  she tricked charities, friends, neighbours, the police, and most of all Doctors ( all bar one) Gypsy had a lot of surgeries and was on huge list of medcations that kept her doped up
The Mother based her entire ID as a " Devoted loving and strong Mother looking after her very sick and mentally handicapped daughter"  The Mother would not even let her daughter walk in private.  Gypsy despite all this ( her mother started her MBP when she was a few weeks old and controlled every aspect of her life)  Gypsy when she in her late teens began to sneak on the internet at night and to cut a long story short she joined a dating website and given her appearance ( she looked mentally challanged and was in a wheelchair)  she did not get much interest, one day and older man contacted her and they began to chat at night when the Mother was asleep.  
Mother and daughter used to attend comic con events, the man arranged to meet Gypsy at a local one,  somehow they managed to sneak to a bathroom where he tried to have sex with her  The Mother was banging on the door and people were furious at this man taking advantage of a teenage girl.  After that event neighbours noticed gypsy was more sedate than usual and this incident  only bolstered  and justfed the Mothers extreme " over protective " She had already fooled the local community and the neighbours whom she was friendly with all helped and sympathised with the mother.  However......... 

Since Gypsy began sneaking online at night ( despite her mother furiously at one stage destroying the laptop in a fit of rage when she once caught Gypsy using the internet unsupervised ( at this age Gypsy would have been 18 mentally fit etc )  she remained in contact with her secret online boyfriend that took/tried her virginity,  she also reached to a young teenage girl in her neghbourhood,  she told the girl very little, even so that girl was able to give very damming evdidence, and as for the boyfriend?  They began a plot to Murder her Mother as Gpsy could not think of any other way  to be "free".  I think its  VERY telling that has a young and older child her  Mother who controlled what she even saw was more than happy to feed / allow Gypsy to watch a LOT of disney movies (  I am personally thinkng of disney themes such as wickerd woman, and the male hero  made her see the internet boyf as her saviour- Gypsy thirst and longing to "live" and  connect with people on an adult level, by  this stage she had been mentally questioning everything due to the very brief glimpses and exporture to real life.    

The boyf did murder the mother then they fled to boyf house in a different state.  Gypsy did not want her mothers body rotting, so she made comments on her mothers socal media informing she had been killed, cops were called and the pair were caught.

When Gypsy was evaluated they found the only thing she had wrong with her on a medical level  were to do with side effects of medication E,g  for her " drooling"  she had her salivary glanfds removed and medication which made her teeth crumble.

She did not need to be fed via NG tube she could eat fine.  She could walk,  her mental abilities were normal she even had an above average vocabulary ( what she read OFFLNE were not so heavily monitored and im guessing she had a dictionary/thesauras,  her mother certainly did have a medical one)

She was found fit to stand trial but took a plea bargain and got 10 years in prison, the " relationship" with her boyf ended.   I No idea sentence he got,  not do I care he may have " resured " her, like the Charming Prince etc.

The link  below*  is one of the articles I read, This happened this year and I know only found about it after seeing a short clip of Gypsey in prison with Dr Freaking Phil ( dude is an attention whore psych that is on the TV for entertainment for those not in the Know)

Now what I want to know is how do you lot feel when reading insane shit like this in 2017,  if it was not for that " charming prince" that tried to have sex with her  LITERALLY within a minute of meeting and chose NOT to tell the authorties.   
If she did not have such a " wicked  witch" of a Mother she would have no reason to be rescued and I assume watching disney films that portray Victim/Hero/abuse/ and " happily ever after"  maybe she would never seek a man to rescue her!

Im curious about this and I would also like to hear your own stories that you read and thnk WTF!   how could this happen etc........

Link is

I wanna know your views and please post articles you were shocked by,   I have more,  I apologise if everyone and their mama  have read  this already, I just read this morning she is suprisngly well put together and is articulate etc.

So yeah, lets trade stories and chat  Confused

P.s sorry for bad spelling a type in a rush and dont know how to spell check on a google/chrome laptop.
My SO other saw that movie and told me I need to watch it. CRAZY!!!

I have some but I'm not in the place to post them right now. Please remind me!
Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed. ~ Mark Twain
(12-31-2017, 07:06 AM)reilli Wrote: My SO other saw that movie and told me I need to watch it. CRAZY!!!

I have some but I'm not in the place to post them right now. Please remind me!

Oh please do post some

have you heard about the freezer death?

A teenager in the US was found dead in walk in freezer following a party

The incident sounds a sketchy as hell and their are conspiracies surrounding it.

but to warn you if you look it up on youtube they do show  images of her dead body.

IMO it was NO accident.
This thread can get very interesting !
The ABSOLUTE craziest story I've ever read:

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