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Fake Galenika Bensedin diazepam 10mg
(01-04-2018, 02:15 AM)burnett200 Wrote: Thanks for the input guys. I don't see any reason not to fake them, if there meant to be the best brand! Like Roche which have been faked for years! Last time I had Roche 10 years ago from PK and if I remember correctly they were good and looked really good quality, made under licence from Roch by Martin Dow pharmaceutical or something similar. The xanax bars I'm taking just now, they don't seem right its like I hear people having conversations in my head so I'm not sure whats in them! Are apaurin the same as bensedin? God Bless, Eddie

That doesn't sound good. Are you ok after those effects? Hope it didn't last too long :-( 

Checked out UK lab results for Bensedin, but they'd only received two valid samples so hardly representative (although both were diazepam). However, given your description and SR's comments, it does seem like fakes are now an issue. I'm surprised more people haven't complained about this because they've always been on the expensive side, but the point was you knew you were getting quality.

I was relying on them being a far less known brand than, say Roche, and thus not worth faking - but if the price has spiked up then it is a different matter... Also I've probably been too Anglo-centric in my thinking. Other people claiming to have fakes have said the pressing and blister packaging was done very well.

Apaurin are similar to (real) Bensedin in that they are a high quality generic diazepam from eastern Europe. They tend to be a similar price - so a tad on the expensive side, but many people think it worth it for the quality (I agree). Tend to come loose rather than blistered, but think that's more of a transport issue. They are very good quality - no frills, just exactly what they are supposed to be.

The only silver lining is it settles the long running debate about whether Bensedin or Apaurin are better! Apaurin now win by default ;-)
no doubt there are fakes, be it UK or US, but think outside those countries its not worth the effort to fake em, years ago remember buying of pharma top grade pfize'r xans would cost like 30$x100 ,guess what im tryinng to say if supplier is in country where laws are loser they can get it way cheaper and prices being sold for makes good profits as is.

i do believe there are fakes made in blister boxes etc, but if one uses meds daily they notice that quick enough.

as for shipping lose its way safer, ive used to get boxes of say 5 and it would rattle like box of tic tacs so its safer bet whoever does bulk to get em the end vendor's like to keep their rep,and good vendors will test the batch.
There were and most likely are lots of fake ksalols out there. Just a warning
I've gotton some of the best fakes I have ever seen.they came blistered,in the box,and even a tape of purity on the lid.had a very off taste,like sucking on a penny.the seriel numbers looked a little rambly,also the exp. date seemed to far away. the grafics on the box were perfect.along with the color and look.when I tried to get my money back,they sent more fakes,then wanted money for them.after several months of fighting,i gave up ,live and learn.the hard $ way! testers are all over the net now,i have boxes of them now. good luck all. I did get the vendor blacklisted,then removed.
yeh counterfeit doesn't necessarily mean it hasn't got what you want in it but you gotta be careful maybe use drug purity testing kit very cheap in the part of the world i'm in and well worth buying could save your life one day for a couple of quid.
I have been afraid of this for quite some time-many expensive "branded" meds have been faked-sometimes quite well.

I really was hoping that because the cost of producing the real thing is fairly low that benzos would be spared-well here we go...greed will win every time.

Granted this board and people on it have been around quite a long time and have earned my trust but the days of "safe" benzos is now that you must trust your pharmacist and their staff.

Guys the effort we put in to stay sane is too much sometimes -we really need a patients bill of rights and reasonable drug prescribing and pricing from our Governments.
Watched the boards over the years and find it hard to believe they would fake this med as it is about the cheapest other than some of the big bulk rip-off's. In my opinion as mentioned in a previous post, spend a few extra $ and go with the Blue Apaurin, Just my opinion, could be wrong. Best Wishes-FF
I have purchased so many valium packs and have never had this issue. I hope all works out well for you. PM me if you need help ordering in the future.
(01-06-2018, 07:47 PM)Pebbles1 Wrote: There were and most likely are lots of fake ksalols out there.  Just a warning

Greetings all,

I cannot speak for the Fake Galenika Bensedin diazepam 10mg but as far as the ksalols plenty of experience.

Pebbles I have been using ksalols as my #1 brand of Alp I order. They never come blistered as they would shake rattle and roll making too much noise. I trust my vendors and have NEVER had ANY bad batches of ksalols in fact they are my first choice to order for the 1mg as they seem the strongest.

Do your research, Check feedback on the vendors and I guarantee you Top Of The Line 1mg ksalols not in blisters that are better than what I get at a pharmacy from my legit script.

I would love to be able to get them all sealed up nice and in blisters (and just because they are in blisters don't make em real) but in this biz I stick with what I know works for me...

Peace All

"Another Day In This Carnival Of Souls"
A few things:

Over the years there have been fakes and the "warning of fakes" sometimes by shills.

If Bensedin is the wihite unmarked one it would be very easy to duplicate-however once again if you trust your team you should not have a problem.

Would love everything "branded blistered and with a pharmacy label" not the way it works sometimes.

I have seen very good faked expensive "branded" meds in my day-in fact your hometown pharmacy buys from wholesalers and THEY have been known to get burned or cheat from time to time and it becomes big news.  Not that long ago a local pharmacist was nailed for selling pretty much perfect knock-offs with packaging of an ED drug-not a bad profit.

Do your homework and stay safe all.

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