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Las Vegas Chat Anyone?
Been going to Vegas about every year for almost 30 now and really enjoy it. It is such an escape for me as it distracts me completely from the real world. I do not play table games much but have done pretty well at Video Poker,Love it! Have my own system that has worked well for me, usually at least break even and have come home flush with $ a handful of times. Will be going in early March and cannot wait. Just thought I would start this thread for people to compare games and strategies. I would like to hear of your favorite game and any tip's you might have. One quick Tip if you play video poker or slots, only spend as much as you can afford to loose and always play the maximum bet. My G-Ma who lived in Vegas, was having a beer and was just piddling around playing one quarter at a time on Video Poker and finally hit her first royal flush in her life and won 200$ which is OK, but with the max bet 1.OO she would have won a Grand! Hope to hear from any Vegas Fans out there!-FF

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