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Effective sleeping pills
(01-26-2018, 12:19 AM)andybones Wrote: A small dose, as maeve also has mentioned, of Quetiapine works great for me. I've found less is more with this medicine, and also don't have any issues getting out of bed in the morning, as other meds do.

QUETIAPINE is a excellent alternative to Benzo. 

The most important is that QUETIAPINE is not physically addictive.
This isn't my "2cents worth", it's my "10cents worth" Big Grin .

If you have chosen to use pharmaceuticals, then I would suggest that you get to know the details of how your chosen meds work quite intimately.
This takes time and effort, but anything is worth a good night's sleep. A good place to start is by browsing through the Factsheets at Tripsit.

1) If you are an intransigent insomniac, don't expect a profound response from a tiny pixie dose.

2) Take your dose according to the timing onset of the med.  If your med takes 1 hour to start working and you want to go to sleep at 10 pm, then take it at at 9pm.
Taking it at 6pm and hoping that you'll be really sleepy by 10pm is doomed to fail.  Rolleyes

3) 'Mix it up'  (I believe this is really under-rated)
For instancce, [email protected]@m one night,  [email protected]@m the next, @[email protected]@m the next, Z0Ipid3m the next, 3tiz0lam the next - this will discourage resistance to a very large extant.

And lastly, any stimulating drink after midday is not your friend (decaf coffee is fine) and if you are sensitive to booze (unfortunately) more than 1-2 alcoholic drinks at night can easily have you *bing* wide awake in the middle of the night - and the temptation will be to believe that meds have failed you - but in fact  it was the Alcohol that screwed it up.

Try this formula and see how it works for you - and report back please - maybe there's a simple tweak that will resolve the issue entirely.
I worked long and hard to find this method which works well for me - I hope it works for you too  - coz a good night's sleep makes Everything better.
There's a difference between having an opinion and having an informed opinion.
(01-24-2018, 10:25 PM)maeve Wrote: Hi Zebra1922,

Of all the different sleep medicines I have experienced zolpidem has been by for the best for myself as well.  Sometimes though I get the same morning effects you mentioned and sometimes a tolerance is built up so I will switch to something else for a while.  Smaller doses of seroquel and trazadone together have worked well for myself (falling asleep quickly, getting quality sleep time, and no bad morning effects usually as long as I have 8 hours to sleep).  Everyone is different though!

Best wishes to you! Heart

What would the serequel and traazadone dose be when combined to give good sleep. I have to try this combo. I’m so desperate for sleep

(09-22-2018, 09:02 PM)TBM88 Wrote: I wish i could sleep 6 hours in a row solid without getting up and pacing my floors. all i really do is think about work all night. i take xanax however it does not last long enough. ive tried seriquil and all that did was have me at the fridge eating all night and gained too much weight. i did loose the weight once i stopped taking the seriquil however i still walk around with bags under eyes all the time just due to not enough sleep. my poor wife im sure wants to kill me some mornings.


I feel your pain. I never get a good night sleep. I’m always building tolerance to one med or the next and when I do that, I’m doomed. I never get any good sleep. It freaking blows how I wake up as soon as the med leaves me. So sad. I will put a prayer up for both of us
I also have to mention that my tolerance is so high to zolp that it’s insane. The amount I needed to take was destroying my stomach not to mention the financial cost of needing so many pills. I’m not sure how people who take a lot of zolp are able to live normally without going to the bathroom every 5 min. My stomach was twisting and turning on it. I also had tolerance so just to sleep I would have to take so much. Serequel and trazadone did nothing for me. Serequel worked one night I think. The psych kept on upping my dose which did nothing. Just gave me tics. The tics went away as I stopped the serequel. Halcion works extremely well but tolerance builds so fast to that. I’m totally at a loss as to what to do. I just need prayers at this point because I mentally can’t take this torture anymore. My life is a nightmare. I’m sorry for just venting here in this thread. I have nobody else to talk to other than my psychiatrist who I see on a bi weekly basis but all he does is prescribe me meds that I already have tolerance to now.
It sounds like u are going through quite a lot wannabenormal.

Research and seek a new doctor if need be. Good luck. It is difficult for so many of us now.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Good sleeping habits are hard to put into practice but have been a lifesaver for me. All screens (tv/phones) away an hour before bed. Blackout curtains (this made such a huge difference). As someone else said, no caffeine after midday. Comfortable clothing and bedding. TIDY ROOM!! A scented candle in the room and lavender oil gently sprayed on a pillow. Tense your muscles and relax them, starting from your toes and slowly working your way up to your neck. Of course Diaz/Zolpi etc are genius at getting you to sleep but the literature advises against using for prolonged periods of time, which in benzo and z-drugs case is deemed to be 2-4 weeks. What goes up must come down, although there are no time limit on good habits.
I used to have massive anxiety on top of insomnia. Gradually with life changes my panic attacks have gotten better. But I still struggle immensely with insomnia. I feel like I have a defeatist attitude bc I will probably be on meds my whole life. Is that such a terrible thing?
I'd like to mention how suburban noise is the enemy of sleep, too.
We live right on a very busy road - 3 lanes of traffic each way.
Traffic noise is ludicrous from the early morning.  (As it is the afternoon/evening peak time - but we aren't trying to sleep then).
We have had the bedroom windows changed to thicker glass and also installed (supposedly) sound-reducing & light block-out curtain linings.
And yes - we have even tried old fashioned ear-plugs too.  But none of these strategies have assisted in any meaningful way, really.
The only thing I am thankful for is that ambulance/police sirens and aircraft noise feature only very rarely in our sound landscape.
I turn off electronic gadgets and follow all the usual 'sleep hygiene' suggestions - but it has only been the b3nzo's that turn off my brain sufficiently to allow for long & restful sleep.
There's a difference between having an opinion and having an informed opinion.
Halcion is an excellent one for sleep. I like Restoril too, but it's expensive! Doctor's rarely prescribe it, or anything else!Sad
I am in need of a non-SY backup. (The SY guys have been great--just so expensive!) I have found a couple of reputable vendors who have brands of Z0lp that I've never tried. (One of the brands has been warned here as often being fake.) I really miss having it, but I'm so wary of trying these brands I'm unfamiliar with. I have so many birds stuck since the summer. If there's a member here who has a recommendation for reputable z0lp vendor, please PM me! (***Do not post your recommendation!***)

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