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So on July 1st, my country will celebrate by legalizing cannabis "fully"...
July1 was date of legalization but I see they are still shutting down dispensaries and rules are all over the place.
Some places only have mail ordering and others have no legal dispensary and cops do not have any way to check for
DUI ............lots to work out as'd think they would have had the rules in place before legalization.



Nobody told Justin 'bout no rules!
It's been pretty amazing, and yeah, stores do sell hash and other kind of extracts I never imagined could exist, such as budder, shatterwax, dabs etc. Although the only fancy thing I use is Indica based THC drops of the Liquid Gold brand, their XL (like a 12 hour morphine capsule) of THC/CBD over 12 hours are also quite great), even my mother partakes in those as they don't hit you hard like a brick when having absolutely no tolerance, dropped her Cymbalta from 60 to 30mg using those delayed release thc/cbd liquid gold brand capsules. I think a lot of people will stop having cancer, which was deep in the bureaucrats, a calculation of how much we could save in health care costs when people will just use oral cannabinoids with proven safety. Even cannabinol (not CBD, CBN) is being extracted by itself or sold in thc/cbd/cbn solutions where both other natural ones that are usually there only in very small quantities are there at some sort of golden ratio. I've had CBD only caramel squares and took them for a couple weeks, they were a sample from the really worthy stores, the online ones, otherwise I just buy from who I always bought, the provincial stores being very very slow to open even in this city of 175k people, no store yet, since Health is a provincial responsability, they have to deal with it (heh). One of the 3 most liberal provinces in the country is still quite socially conservative when it comes to the big narrative, especially from the previous government...they couldn't find anybody who would rent them an office, so they had to wait from profits from dispensaries in other cities to get money to build a building for it right here.

Should've just done like in South Park and turned the KFC's into provincial cannabis stores...or maybe combine both, we all know how junk food suddenly tastes amazing in your first few years of use. I find cannabis to make me feel like I was when I was a teenager, confident and amazed again when I was jaded AF in the last few years. It combines really well with my prescription of generic Oxycodone-CR 60mg (generic [email protected]!n), my nerve/joint pain completely disappears when both or when I put my hands on Cesamet. It's good that they use Cesamet (nabilone) not just for cancer nausea/lack of appetite here and also use it as an adjuvant for opiate pain control, allows to reduce the dose of opiates/opioids a bunch. I didn't know that, I took a break of 5 years from weed and only started again this summer, smoking tiny quantities at once, after a botanist I know from college told me that "we make the stuff stronger and stronger so that people stop smoking stupid things like blunts with 30% THC cannabis, just so you have a single pipe hit and breathe in the less hot, not-so-good-for-you smoke, so stronger cannabis is a good thing, people smoking 1 gram joints of high quality weed are not giving themselves a favour and I think that it started giving me panic attacks if smoked when alone a good while ago, 10 years ago or such, so I just stopped, helping on respecting my benzo intake I'm allowed to have, I was smoking way too much for no reason and that's when, especially when combined with other compounds, that it can be damaging psychologically, but thankfully, it's not permanent, but a lot of "burn outs" just need a big tolerance break/natural reset, hadn't smoked in almost 6 years and I've rediscovered the thing now that things so exotic as orally active oil came out, life's been much easier!

Now only if Trudeau would ban Round Up like it was supposed to, but I guess that's the Ministry of Agriculture's decision, PM's here hardly push on departments they appoint people to manage, unless it becomes very unpopular...that better happen about the little Eichmann's working for Monsanto/Bayer/BASF and their poison.
Possession and small sales were permitted on July 1st 2018, it really happened on October 17th that private online stores and provincial stores (like for liquor) have opened. It's really great to just order 27.5mg thc/8.3mg CBD per ml oral oil! (diluted in coconut oil, so it is active orally). Some idiots think that the weed is grown and sold by the Federal government and they are idiots, my province had issues with their stores, physical or online at first because we only had 2 companies who were permitted growing in industrial scales. My province is also under a hard right wing government for the first time since 1961, they really do not represent us, they have gone against constitutional rules and banned people in my province to grow their own, a judge ruled that our provincial PM (which is a piece of ****) an injuction on QC's ridiculous license-to-grow and upping the age from 18 to 21, and almost, but by the people's fury, backed down from lowering the maximum personal quantity one can have in their possession from ~4oz (150g) to 15g. Lol, I can't wait till that traitor of a provincial PM who used to be a social-democrat in the PQ...he's still a separatist, but from the right, doesn't recognize the Confederation much when he goes against federal rules regarding the CSDA, which is a Federal matter....and you will almost never find me defending the Federal government, Canada is a confederation and provinces have much more rights and responsibilities than Ottawa.

But it's been a good time for the most part, plus, we got one hell of a rainy day fund from all the government sales, although I tend to prefer private vendors, they tend to have coupons and fidelity points that reduce price, even inviting people who place an order gives you points this way in multiple private vendors, but none of that in the provincial store, physically or online...never been in one physically because they only built one in my town and my town is the definition of medium population and huge landmass, it's 30 minutes of highway time away from my home and we're just 155k or so. They def should open one in my borough of town, but it's not in the 24 new ones they opened in 2020 (not even slowed down due to the exaggerated plandemic hysteria, they went right ahead and built most of them by now, only 8 or so left until January.
(10-20-2018, 11:26 AM)Mugen Wrote: Props to Canada on their world leadership when it comes to this policy! Hopefully other dominoes will fall now..

well its your body you should have rights over what you decide to do with it as long as you are not harming others

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