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Banned from MG years ago, as was receiver. Have not tried them again. I wonder if ban was lifted? Anyone have an answer if they ever let you begin again? BRICK and MORTAR KG! You cannot go wrong it seems and for some reason I cannot use debit card online with other options and regular V card they treat like cash and 20 plus percent monthly interest, OW! Loved going online, for convenience, but just learned of the interest using CC, so back to brick and mortar with debit or $. FF
Hey Kg, not quite sure what to make of it all? I do know that when I was with MG, I was given the same receiver for almost 2 years and was using almost monthly. I would think that would be a good thing? Like 2 old friends, one repaying a debt owed to receiver or whatever. I bet this person was receiving far more than just from me and it was too much and he was done...along with me. Been 5 years now and would find it hard to believe that they would want to lose biz? I was always brick and mortar with MG. Have been with one of the other options since and they reward you for doing more biz with them! Go figure. It is my guess that the flag goes up on receivers end, and then the sender is done? Who Knows. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! FF

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