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Shouldn't New Members Post a bit more Info?
Agree with you Pebbles, now more than ever! It is a decision to be made elsewhere. The good folks who run this put much effort into keeping this a nice place, as you say. The last 2-3 years have brought many new members who have had all sorts of different agenda's, the last being a contributing member. Embarrassed I was fooled by some! Have not been to the new member thread in a while. I need to as I am sure many are just good folks. Trying times, and nobody cares to say much. Hat's off to the good people who have the courtesy of letting us know when a mag. lands. Helps the rest of us make better informed decisions. Bless You All-FF
I don't often get to re read threads. But this one just caught my attention two days in a row.

I know shy. I know sorrow. I know not wanting to talk. Unfortunately we learned to protect the vendors and members and forum, we had to require a certain number of posts to see varying levels. We don't require you to give up personal info unless you choose to.

I see many on whom for a couple years come on at night and quietly read for hours. Having only made forty or so posts. So they have a vendor. they just want to read. And i won't deny them that. Interlopers would do the runathon to 150 to usurp info.

HOwever, in light of all people have gone thru in the last two years, what many are experiencing right now as covid ravages areas yet again, PTSD will rise. And if anyone wants to share, please do. Share here. Make a thread. Or email or PM me. I won't answer tonite but tomorrow.

But if anyone would like to share more of themselves, I promise to read it soon.

You stream you as they say. Be blessed. Have peace. But u r all good so don't worry.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Well said Charon!

Right now, with the world still up side down, I feel members should post when and if they feel comfortable.
So many issues (like finances) are private.  And with members going thru so much right now, posting may
be something that needs to wait for that member to feel comfortable.

I am sure (from experience) that members will post as their lives settle down.
Thank You for giving them the chance!!!

Slick Heart
Thanks Charon, Slick, Fish Farmer and everyone else who contributed. This is a really helpful thread for a newbie Smile  As a newbie you want to prove you can be a contributing member of the community but also feel a little weary of sharing too much too early personally. I suppose as you say, all in good time  Heart

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