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legal weight loss suplements
(05-03-2020, 07:47 PM)Aquarius Wrote: Has anyone ever had success with garcinia cambogia? I remember trying it twice, once it did work.. at least I think? Second time it did nothing.

Yes! I’ve used it before and it definitely worked. I’ve tried a few brands and they make a difference, some work and others don’t. My favorite are made by PureGenics, got them on Amaz0n, and my second favorite is Angry Supplements and its Garcinia with Apple cider vinegar, from Group0bn. I usually switch off between the two brands every few days since the ACV has so many good health benefits, but I find the other brand does work better weight loss wise. Also, I find the best thing to do when taking is drinking a lot** of water. I have a cup that is labeled by hours and it’s a game changer to make sure you drink the daily amount. I’d also warn be safe with what brand you choose, read lots of reviews because I’ve tried others and they made my heart race and almost made me feel sick to my stomach. Now I strictly stay to the brands I listed. Hope that helps a little. Let me
know if you have any other questions about them. Smile
~~Patience is the gateway to success~~
(10-21-2019, 11:49 AM)Peony13 Wrote: I'm not sure if there are any supplements that work for weight loss. I don't know much about Yohimbe. Ephedrine is a stimulant, and all stimulants have serious side effects. We need really medications for weight loss. A few have been developed that are not stimulants and cause some weight loss, but most health insurers have a flat-out policy against paying for them. 

As for dieting, I have tried diet after diet, lifestyle change after lifestyle change. None of them work in the long run. Many other people I know have had the same (lack of) results.

I was getting fat even when I was an infant, doing what all the other infants did -- lying in my crib and drinking breast milk.

As a teenager, I became a vegetarian because I couldn't stand the thought of eating animals. I switched to a diet that was full of vegetables. I lost weight at first, then it all came back on, then I gained another 50 pounds in the next decade -- all while I was still a vegetarian.

Science is starting to figure out why some people gain so much weight. Some genetic causes have been found, and one very dramatic form of genetically-caused obesity can now be totally reversed with medicine. In other cases, it seems man-made chemicals are the culprit, with some people more susceptible to these chemicals than others. Rising weight levels seem related to an entire set of disorders affecting the information-based systems of the body -- the immune system, the hormonal system, and the neurological system.

I have a scientific background in this areas, and am working on a book about the causes of weight gain. I really would like people to support this effort, either by reading parts of the book and commenting on it, or maybe by supporting Kickstarter campaign when I get further along, or mentioning my book on Facebook (when I actually finish writing it, etc.) 

Anyone here interested in this project?
As a newbie I can’t see if you are still active here. If you are any update on your kickstart or book?

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