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Suggest an UK vendor
(09-12-2020, 07:43 PM)Sandbwoy Wrote: Thanks for the reply barq-, that's the first actual response I've got and I'd asked a few times. I guess some members just didn't feel comfortable talking openly about the type of vendors we have today.

I don't really do social media so that option is out of the window (although I do use WhatsApp, just not Insta or FB).

I don't live in a big city either, so these 'county lines drugs gangs' as the press describes them aren't an option for me.

As much as I'd love to use Tor and DNM, currently I only have a tablet and not a laptop or computer, and my tablet isn't capable of running Tor properly. Believe me, I've tried.

I do have a couple of vendors I use and trust, but I'm always on the lookout for more reliable vendors too.

Thanks for the response, much appreciated.

When I saw your original question a while back I was thinking how to actually give an answer - as you've seen it isn't straightforward! 

Social media vendors make me curious, but I wouldn't touch them personally. Plus they generally sell recreational substances too, which isn't what this forum is about. For me "big city" tends to mean doing business with gangs which I don't like. In my case it really isn't safe since there is a local turf war and people are getting shot. It is way too close to home... I've had one knift-point experience this year, so not inviting more! As for county lines, well you might well have one close to you but they tend to be about hard drugs (again, not what this forum is about) plus you'd be getting involved with some serious people you probably don't want in your life. I think you are wise to stay away. It goes without saying that a huge amount of this depends on what meds you are actually after.

Pity about TOR because that probably would answer your question, but as you fairly point out, not everyone has access to a computer for that sort of thing.
I got lucky with infens**,he went dark a few weeks after i ordered from him,sometime last year.
There are groups selling all sorts on apps like telegraph,dont know how to get an invite tho,most want bitcoin these days as well.
Its pretty sparse online for uk folk,theres one on here but cos i have not been able get on much i dont know what name they are at mo?
They deliver uk-uk but not used them for a few years,pain is wiping my memory at the mo,i've lost track of whats going on and which vendors doing what.
Sorry cant be of much help.
What ?
Its sad to see this situation, after brexit where i live suffered massive losses in terms of ordering anything of UK, the telegram is full of vendors and its in hundreds, to put it simply cant imagine anyone in UK has issues, but for rest of us outside its mad times to be orderin as now they always screen every parcel of uk, and bust non stop since around this new year. tough times isn't even a word to describe madness going on.
On 1/7/21 things have become even more complicated for EU and for UK on 1/1/21. Before, all EU and non-EU sellers could sent goods to Europe, directly to consumers, import VAT-free if they were value at 22 [email protected] or less. Now all imports are subject to EU VAT. Sellers and facilitating marketplaces can collect import VAT on goods up to 150 eu&os. Explanation: to discourage large-scale fr#ud by sellers underdeclaring the values, protect the EU sellers from this disadvantages???, collect more taxes and probably few other reasons. The exceptions are gifts sent occasionally in parcels with a value of up to EUR 45 from a person to a person. The new procedures apply to all shipments containing goods from third countries, including letter items. Letter items containing only documents or correspondence remain free of customs and tax charges. My instinct is telling me that situation will get only tougher for everyone, as now there are even more reasons to screen all mail, the reason #1 is $$. Let's see how it works out. Is it easier to receive in UK from UK nowadays? I guess yes. How about the rest of Europe? Time will tell. The future does not look bright. Sorry for being pessimistic. I hope the reality will prove me wrong. Kind regards and love to everyone. Heart
No I'm a neighbour and strick controls are in place .so vendors will have to get the train or loose slot of business .unfortunately
(09-11-2021, 12:12 PM)Nonoo Wrote: No I'm a neighbour and strick controls are in place .so vendors will have to get the train or loose slot of business .unfortunately

Hi neighbour, that is a sad news for vendors Sad ........ what about the clientele.............

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