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I was reading through the pages and pages on this, probably should have jumped to the last page. I was all in on the 'selective scammer' vote. Bummer. These days it's a shame to lose/discover something untoward about any vendor.
The worst part is that vendor's friend, whom is also on our forum and i thought was honorable, whom went quiet for awhile, shows back up with a new and grand vendor.

he waits two days before he tells me the new name she is attempting to vend under. like Surprise!! Its Sarah. She is great. A little new so keep her in the most easily seen area of the forum.

yeah, no. i have yet to tell him that hell no, we aint letting sarah change her vender name cuz i read so many complaints at PR forum and then here.

She pulls this all the time. And vendor whom wanted to push her again was MIA for a long time. We hear reports he is getting thru but having seen Max become the 68thMax of the year *kidding kinda* I am expecting this other vendor whom showed up again recently is a differing version of original vendor. Very hard to trust another's words at this time.
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Greetings. I am the Marmite Warrior.

Forgive me if i make any faux pas but i am new. After perusing numerous sources of feedback in my research about this site/vendor, stretching back years, i enacted some risk mitigations and progressed a mag order.

So far the order notifications have progressed from order received, payment acknowledged, funds received and order shipped in 4 days. With the above feedback, I still harbour reservations/concerns about whether this order will be fulfilled. I will update here on the outcome.


The MW
Best of luck. We like success stories.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Yes it has. And you would know if you followed the rules.

One is to make a welcome thread.

We shall not give up our hard learned info to strangers whom don't post.

And I have on record you were trouble when u came on last month. Just sayin.

We are a good forum. You are signed up. Now do a simple welcome thread.

You may post up to five posts in any 24 hour period of time. At fifty posts u may PM and make ten posts a day.

Aim for 150. k? Welcome, btw.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Greetings again all. Marmite Warrior with an update on the above. 

I received my order within the timeframe stipulated. The first few pages i have read are, so far, as advertised. 

I'm happy to report this, however, would like to point out I placed my order accepting a significant amount of risk associated with previous feedback and payment method. I am also new here so had heard about this vendor from other sources/research before i joined. 

Whilst i have had a positive result, i would encourage looking at the whole track record and add up whether you think its an acceptable risk profile for your personal circumstance. This was the first order i have placed with this vendor-i will order again when appropriate, and post the results.

Safe travels, 

The MW
It seems a large group will support Sarah. And many will not.

Which probably means she is shipping from a place having trouble. Maybe if one lives in certain areas they can receive more easily from her.

But we don't put up where vendor is located. Or, don't put up your location. Cuz we have hundreds of extra eyes on our forum daily for months now. LE is monitoring forums.

But, I don't have time to check where she ships from. Not now. But some vendors can get thru over the pond to here. Some cannot.

If enough state she is getting thru again, and their are no outstanding complaints in her thread, she will be moved back to vendor area.

But no way am I changing a vendors name cuz he or she ran off with people's money. I hope she can pull this off cuz people apparently loved her awhile back. But, her name will follow her.

I hope to see more receive. Cuz i do suspect its a country to country issue. Just sayin.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel

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